But thats when I think insanely smart thoughts!!

Here is the english version of todays blog!

After working only dayshift for many years I have turned into a lark person or an early bird if you want.


I really wasn’t like that before! As youth i general I liked to sleep in – I liked to sleep very late…… into the afternoon if I could. And of course; stay up all night instead.

But at the age of 21 I became a mother for the first time and during the next 7 years I had 4 children.


So I was absolutely not an early bird person at that time – I was more a «sleepwheneveryoucanandasmuchaspossible» person 🙂

Both me and my husband worked nightshift most of that periode. We worked the same nights, as my mother stayed with the kids. Thank God for that, or it wouldn’t be much of a love life nor that many kids for that matter 🙂

But that ment that we had to take turn to sleep, and one of us had to stay up with the kids while the other one slept… It was pretty hard to have to wait to go to sleep until 12. 00 after a long nightshift…


Kids usually dont sleep late in the morning. THAT would be something


So I have to admit there was a lot of TV watching those early mornings while mom or dad where past out on the couch…


With a certain hazard of not having completely control of what the little cute ones were up to….



But the children grew up and my life is quite different today, I work only dayshift, no weekends and no holidays. I can sleep when I need, but now I dont need it as much…

Isn’t that just typically? When you need more time at home, the economics forces you to work a lot! And when you do have the time to work more – you dont need to. When you have a lot of small kids living at home you usually dont have enough money to buy a big enough house – and when you do have the money the kids has already moved out….

So I have changed from a owl person, to a»sleepwheneveryoucanandasmuchaspossible» person and ended up as a lark person. I wake up with the birds, even in the weekends, but I also fall asleep pretty early at night…. Thats a bit boring of course, especially when Ive planned a bit of a cosy evening with my boyfriend…… So I try to take a nap after dinner in the weekends, so I can endure a little longer..

But during the week I have a fixed rutine:

I get up at 05.00 and work out

sit up

Than I take a walk with my dogs


Than I write while drinking coffey, before leaving for work at 07.10


My boyfriend think I am crazy to get up 1,5 hour earlier than needed……»but thats when I think insanely smart thoughts» I reply 🙂

And its true! The walks around the water near by at 06.00 is fabulous! No people! The dogs running free!


They have been trained to leave the ducks alone and the ducks have been trained to know that the dogs will leave them alone…

kan vi få leke med de???

On these walks I find a certain peace to gather my self, to make decisions, to do some self-examination, to prepare for the day who is waking up and just to have some quality time with the closest person to me:


It was on one of these morning walks I decided to leave a non working marriage, even if it was very short…

It was on one of these morning walks I knew that I had to  follow my dream to write a novel – because even if I never get published I can still call me an author if I have written a novel? I choose to think so – and it is my dream 🙂

It was on one of these morning walks I made a decision that will change my life quite a bit this fall ( more about this will be said later this summer)

It was on one of these morning walks I realized that I have to turn my back on people that doesn’t want my best, and embrace my self with those who do. Only me can be in charge of my own happiness!!

It was on one of these morning walks I decided to have a positiv view on life – I can choose to get an ulcer from irritation or acing cheeks from smiling so much…

It was on one of these morning walks I realized that I HAVE to like myself, because I am the only person I cant turn my back on

Some days the world dresses up so nice and I just have to take pictures.

With these pictures I want to thank you for reading my blog and wish you a great, positiv and perfect Saturday.



I hope you have a beautiful place where you can gather yourself


All people need quality time with themselves


Nothing more beautiful when the world reflects itself in itself. I am sure it says; My GOD how beautiful I am» Do the same when you meet your self in the mirror! ❤


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