Step 2…….. A life changing moment?

Here is todays post in english – bear with me if the language is quite accurate  galskap

«I hope it its realistic for your sake» somebody commented.

» Im so curious whats going on?» said a person that stopped me in the hallway at work.

«Is she getting married again» some people wondered

«Has she lost her mind, I thinks she is going to live of writing?» I am sure a lot of people thought.

My boyfriend also got questioned…..

oss på fjelet                              but he doesn’t tell 🙂

That day I had the busiest day in my blog ever. 1041 views!

Of course I love all the attention, comments and likes ❤

Thats why I write and share my stuff – for somebody to read….

I really do appreciate all of you taking the time to read my blog, comment on what you read and especially those of you who come over to say; » you write so well» «I love to read your blog»

That I am hungry for attention is no secret 🙂

After all there is a little bit of a movie star in me 🙂

marilyn                                           No no, Im not thinking about being an actress for a living 🙂                   

Its hard to tell you very much yet, because everything is still very uncertain…

BUT I can say this;

YES, som of my workday will change this fall

NO, I dont think that I cab be a full time writer just yet 😉 MY goal isnt to live of writing, just to be published and read. I like to convey  – therefore this blog.


Yes I have put myself in a bit more insecure situation, by not knowing what the next year will look like…


BUT no more than I can handle . challenging ? YES, a bit scary? YES  BUT exciting as well

I turnes out I am quite valuable

There is some that dosent want to loose me…..

There are some that would love to have me….

NO, I am not getting married…. at least not right now….. nobody asked me yet 🙂

kjæresten                             But Ive found the man that i want to spend the rest of my life with

As said, some loose ends still….

Decisions that has to be made


NO I haven exaggerated or lied . I have taken a step – jumped without a safety net

jeg flyr                I did that the day I wrote;  a life changing moment

I have continued yo move in the same direction

But there are still things that has to be talked about

Stuff that has to be in order

But I sleep very well at night


I smile more often

I am happier


pi over hodeta weight has been lifted of my shoulders

Have a magnificent weekend everybody!!

To be continued…….




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