My babygirl – my child – a solider??

Todays post in English – my second poem ( further down the side) is translated into English 🙂 Puh.. 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

She was 2 years old yesterday – or maybe a little longer ago…20170612_094329

The day before she was a new born20170612_094249

I wanted her to stay little – she was always in a hurry to grow bigger…

«When can I start school mom?» she asked when she was 4 years old…

«NEVER» I silently replied in my head



When she was in elementary school she was eager to start junior high – I wanted her back in kinder garden…

When she was in junior high, she couldn’t wait to get to senior high…… I wanted her back in the stroller…


She was so eager – so enthusiastic – so lively and hungry for EVERYTHING in life – nothing came quick enough…..

I was nostalgic, this was the youngest of my 4children – my babygirl – EVERYTHING came to quickly!!

And now she is an adult – has moved out –  and she is a soldier…


That was NOT my plan at all!!

But thats how it is… and maybe it is a good thing….. they are not suppose to follow our plan….. but their own…

Our job is to root them ahead – be a faithful audience and cheerleaders!

And I AM incredible proud of her – as of all my children.

She is smart – clever – strong – strong minded- stubborn and very skilled in what she does!


She is a fighter and YES, right now she is a soldier as well….


I cheer and cry at the same time

I am proud, but would like to have her back on my arm again

She is Juni, she is my babygirl, she is a soldier❤

JUNI`S poem

You arrived with the weight of a feather, and a little wrinkle on your nose

Your cry was well known in my body, I loved your newborn toes

Your glance; a demand like a strong grip around my heart, like you would a sparkling toy

Happiness danced with my anxiety , the tears watered my joy

Deep in my heart, an eternal love for you live

I will forever be near, and what you need –  I will give

To carry you those first years – was heavier than your weight

To be your guardian against all evil and bad, keep you fed from morning to late

That was my responsibility and I loved being your mother, dear!

But to do something wrong, a fatal mistake was always my biggest fear.

My naïve wish for you was a life with no problems or sorrow

And that you would forever stay at home and for others just to borrow

Life isn’t like that, I have to let you go

To loosen the grip isn’t easy, but I must – I know

But did you know that not one day passes, without me thinking of my little girl?

That just seeing your face brings out the smile in mine, and I treasure it like a pearl

Did you know that my life got more meaning after you came

And that my heart burst with love every time I look at you, the same

Life is a wonderful gift, but not always easy to live

You will experience that sometimes you are right – other times you have to give

Stand proud in your defeat, be humble when victory are on your side

be as just as you can – than you carry your self with pride

To be true, is to be the person YOU think you should be

Then one day you can look back with pride and joy, you’ll see.

To be your mother gives me the greatest joy

Even when we were visited by anger,  maybe over a broken toy

I cant carry you around any longer – not decide what you should do

But I will always make sure that my love is obvious and declared to you

Whatever you do, wherever you go, or maybe just lead by the tide

My unconditionally love for you will always be at your side!vakre juni



4 kommentarer om “My babygirl – my child – a solider??

  1. «Whatever you do, wherever you go, or maybe just lead by the tide

    My unconditionally love for you will always be at your side!»

    Love this. Quite possibly the greatest gift a parent could give their child.


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