I am madly in love!!!

Here is yesterdays post in english


You welcome me every day if I want….

You give me wonderful experiences


boltenPicture: me on «Bolten» Kjerag; The 1,110-metre (3,640 ft) tall mountain sits on the southern shore of the Lysefjorden,  Norway

You are always there – not as tempting every day – but still you are there..

I am an eager user – a follower and a fan – I praise you to everyone!

I know I would not survive without you  – both physically and mentally …..

It is with you I air my inner thoughts – those I dont share with anyone…

kajakk i solnedgangMe in a kajakk in Bergen, Norway by night


It is with you I can cry or laugh out loud!

It is with you I find my courage and my inner self again

It is with you a make the big decisions in life and get a grip on my priorities

It is with you I feel alive and religious

svolvær geitenI was hiking up this mountain and took the picture looking down on Svolvær, north of Norway

It is with you I feel gratitude over life and all it has given me

You are beautiful and wild – you are hard and soft – you are cold and warm – you are dangerous and challenging – you are tiresome and easy – you are wonderful and rough – you are AMAZING!!!

I am madly in love with nature – a love that will never die!!

sandføtterThe beach in Koh Samet, Thailand

This is a poem I have written with inspiration from our beautiful nature and different seasons:  


The spring has overslept – and stretches its arms

The white carpet has meltet away

the sun is in charge and is getting warm

Slowly the world is painted new, it happens today

The art is taming the sorrow;

behind death, lies a tomorrow

The summer has no end, so it feels

When its finally here

No one can believe that it will turn on its heels

and run back there?

The days has no end and the joy feels like stomach tingling

The little birds so eager and are happily singing

Totally fearless they are – not thinking of fall

but it will come , with no comfort – that we no all!


Yellow leafs in the wind lie

everything is coming to an end

The dark is deciding, the sun a begging sigh

It is painful to meet the sorrow – condolences we send

But sometimes death comes without the thorn

some are tired from life – when the first white flakes are born

The white carpet comes and hides whatever, you were told

the winter gives new chances, clean slates for some

Hibernation  gives a pause, puts everything on hold

impatience is not a friend – wait for whats to come

we can walk together, But you have to know

Alone I must be, the very last steps before I let go

hjerte i skyene

 ❤ ❤ ❤



16 kommentarer om “I am madly in love!!!

  1. What a beautiful and poignant poem! Loved these lines especially: «The art is taming the sorrow; behind death, lies a tomorrow…»

    Norway looks amazing! It’s been on my Visit list for several years now, but just haven’t gotten around to it yet =(

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