Most people are not Norwegians!!

Norway is believed to be the happiest country in the world!!!

hoppende glad

Norway the happiest country in the world!

At least thats what the Worlds happiness report of 2017 says. We beat both Sweden and Denmark, our neighbors – so maybe they would be more happy coming here for vacation?? ( Norwegians often visit Denmark)

There are already a lot of danes in our mountains – and now they actually can ski…. (there is almost no mountains in Denmark – so they were known as bad skiers when I was a child) Now they are often better than the Norwegians!
på ski

But most people are not Norwegians!

Most people are Chinese: 1 367 485 388 stk !!!

Norway is ranked as nr 120 when it comes to population; 5 207 689.

Both Sweden and Denmark are bigger – and many more with them

jumping i zanzibar

The smallest country in the world, by the way, is the Pitcairn Island with their 48 inhabitants!

I love to know stuff like that!! 🙂

Its just great to be able to stop someone when they say that the Vatican state is the smallest in the world.» Sorry, but thats not right! The Pitcairn Islands are known as the least populated country in the world, even though its not an independent country.»

THAT will give you some attention, believe me! But if you are smart, you should read some more about the Island, so that you dont have to admit that, thats the limit of your knowledge… Would be a pity to burst the bobble immediately..

Back to the happiest country in the world:

So being this small, this happiness will not benefit that many people in the world…

In addition many of us are a bit childlike and doesn’t want to share…

Because Norway is not the most giving Country it seems – there are a lot who is better than us ( some of them you wouldn’t believe..)

On top you find Myanmar – a superb winner ❤

The Buddhistic culture emphasizes on charity and helping others. Even though their regime has a bad reputation the common people are very giving…

on the border to myanmarMe and my family on the boarder of Myanmar and Thailand – giving gifts of food to the munks

So we are NOT the most giving country and honestly we are not that grateful either…

So why aren’t we? When we are supposed to be the happiest in the world?

There is always something to complain about – something that isn’t fair or could have been better.. It depends on how you look at things; Are the glass half empty or half-full?

But we do not live in a country of war – we are not on the run -we are not banned from schools just because we are woman – we can love who we want – we are not thrown in jail without a trial – we do not starve- we dont have to live on the street – we dont need insurance to get medical help for free – we dont have to live with terrible malformations that can easily be operated on in a rich country – we dont have to depend on others charity – we dont have to have money to get the basic education – we dont have to walk for hours to get some water – we dont experience persecution and genocide – we dont live in poverty…

to gutter på stranden

Of course we have our worries, illnesses and tragic events. Of course we have the right to be sad and in pain. And of course I know that some have bigger issues and problems. But they are not the ones I am thinking of here..

I am thinking of all of us, that are doing pretty well – lets not focus on things that irritates or whats not perfect. Let us be grateful for what we got instead. It isn’t always easy – I know – but try!

It is like me driving my motorcycle; I learned very early that I shouldn’t look at the obstacles that I was afraid of crashing into, because that would increase the chance of doing exactly that …

Instead look where you want to go!

mc jenny

I have decided to try to be more grateful every day!

  • I write a gratitude journal to keep focus
  • It only takes a few minutes
  • I write down at least 3 things, or as many as I want, that I am especially grateful for that day ..
  • It can be little things as:

– a helpful neighbor 🙂

  • Or greater things as:

– The love for my children ❤

I do this at night before I go to bed and it is the first thing I read the next morning.

It has an amazing effect. How can my day have a bad start when it begins with me reading this:

I have 4 amazing children!!


Try it!

To be annoyed , angry og upset usually effects you the most..

A quote I love:

«To hate, is like eating poison and expect somebody else to die…»

I wish you all a week filled with happiness where ever you are!

❤ ❤ ❤

19 kommentarer om “Most people are not Norwegians!!

  1. I don’t believe in statistics. Sorry, but for Romanians, Norway is the most undesirable and scary country in the world to live in after we witnessed for many months the battle of a mixed family (a Norwegian woman married to a Romanian man) to take back their 5 children who were practically kidnapped by the Barnevernet on religious ground. They finally managed to win back the children and moved for good to Romania trying to be cured by the trauma they lived in Norway. Norway is now 7 citizens less because they felt terrible unhappy and traumatized there.

    Likt av 1 person

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. And of course there will always be events and wrong doings in every country. Of course I dont know this story, but that just sounds wrong. And I have also heard stories in many countries were mixed families are batteling about the children. That is always wrong and we should always try to make sure we do the best for our children. That said I work with a Romanian woman who do like living in Norway.So there will always be good and bad experiences I guess. Glad the family are doing better now.


  2. You know what? Am feeling jealous right now cause all this wonderful attributes you say about your country, I can’t say such about mine. I must tell you, You are lucky to be a Norwegian.


    1. Yes I do feel lucky – but sad that not everyone is as lucky. I wish we all could just live in peace and harmony – and that we who are so fortunate would share more of our hapinness and luck !


  3. I really loved reading this post. It’s quite interesting. Never heard about the Pitcairn Island. Most be a lovely place too.
    I would really love to visit Norway someday.

    Likt av 1 person

  4. Norway has always been on my travel list for the immense beauty it has in itself! And this made me happy that people there are so simple and the most happy in the world.. The less complicated living the more happy we are, yes there will be some sad events but still loved the point how you described Norway!


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