Lets talk facelift – bodylift or transplanting…

Todays post in english

I often think of my self – about myself and in myself

I am self aware – precent in my own body – care what other thinks of me and also how I behave….

I have an inner dialoge with my self where I consider – analyze – discuss and make up my mind about the environment and my self…

Who are you?  – who am I ? – who are we?

My inner picture of myself, are usually something like this:

Young – full of life – active and somewhat wrinkle free


But somedays i meet this woman in the mirror:



In my head I am still 29!!

Except when I meet the wrinkle lady  (on the picture above) in the mirror….

But honestly I wouldn’t go back to my 20`s again.

They were fabulous years – but the most busy years Ive had

I had 4 children in 7 years, the last one when I was 28! At the same time I took my college degree as an external candidate in 2 years – and then nursing school. I went back to student practice ( in my second year) only 3 weeks after giving birth ( the father stayed at home) because I wanted to finish with my class.

  • There were breast-feeding in the parking lot with the exam invigilator in the backseat.
  • There were dragging a 5 kilos breast-pump back and forth to work.
  • It was pumping every 4th hour in the consultant doctors office – a doctor who wouldn’t go into his office for weeks after accidentally coming in during the prossess.
  • There were vigils and going straight to work
  • There were changing diapers in the back of the classroom
  • There were hormons making the tears argue with grumpy surgeons
  • There were woman fighting against their own «Woman rights»  stating that I should stay at home taking care of the baby..
  • There were the dad who did a great job at home
  • It was life at that time





20 again?

No thanks!

My second youth is blooming right now 🙂 🙂 🙂

If only my body would play along! 😦 😦 😦

 No, I dont mean the wrinkles – when I put my mask on it isn’t to bad

meg sminket

After all I am not a teenager anymore…. so I am satisfied!


No I am talking about other parts of my body…..

  • It is the hallux valgus who is rebellious against my high heels
  • It is my knees who is protesting against half marathon
  • It is my muscles who boikotts my golf swing
  • It is my eyes demanding glasses to bother to tell me what is written
  • It si my hair who decolorizes on its own – with no permission
  • It is a fancy name , I dont know in english – but it feels like knifes in my back!

And right now it is the inflammation of my back!!!!

When I read the list above – I do feel a little older than 29….. but luckily it isn’t always like that. I tend to get a little depressed when my body fail me…

Usually I am very active – work out every day – run in the mountains – kayaking – skiing – walk the dogs – and play a lot of golf!!

But when my body dosent do as I want I get REALLY pissed

This is a poem written on one of those days:

The spine

a sign of strength


a weekness?

How can I

who are so strong

have pain in my back?

So forget the facelift!!

Forget the stretch marks and the skin not being as firm anymore…!!

RIGHT NOW! I am ready for a back transplant if anyone is donating??


på hender på zanzibar

I wish you a wonderful Tuesday – hopefully without any pain at all!!

❤ ❤ ❤

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