Ready – Steady – GO!! Novel done 2017!

Todays post in English

utsikt fra skriveplassen

Novel done 2017!

Thats the plan!

I have already written a lot on my next novel and the road ahead is pretty clear to me – it has been for å looooong time…

But suddenly I stoped for a while – it wasn’t writers block – it had to do with priorities….

BUT now I have returned to the keyboard!!! A novel is in the making!!

19/6 an online writes course started. Trough modules – videos and assignments I will receive help from established authors on my road going forward..

And I also started a 2 week off from work – while my boyfriend is working. ( we will have our vacation in august)

I am not going to travel these 2 weeks – why should I when the wether is so perfect at home????




No these two weeks I am going to write – write – write…

So maybe its a good thing that there has been a terrible mistake that cause the weather to think that we are in the middle og October…. 😦


I have had an inflammation in my back lately – but thank God the medication is starting to work and my body have stopped boycotting all my moves…

This morning I worked out for the first time in over a week… 🙂

Incredible how fast those muffin-edges, dough-stomach and jello-thighs shows up 😦

But now I AM BACK!!!


So whats up?

My blog:

  • since may 15th I have written at least one post every day
  • I have increased my followers from 7 to 40 – hoping for more of course!
  • I have increased my blog-views from 18 in april to 5440 in June! Johooo!!

Of course I will continue to blog! I love it and it also triggers me to write…

I really appreciate everybody coming up to me and telling me that they read my log and like what they read! Thats great!!

So of course I will continue! But I have to prioritize my time between my blog and writing my novel. 

So here is my plan:

  • I am going to blog monday – Wednesday and Friday.
  • New chapters from my already written novel ( only still in Norwegian I am afraid) will be published every Tuesday – Thursday and Saturday.
  • I will write on my new novel at least 1 hour pr day – hopefully more
  • And of course follow up on my online course – After all it cost me 400 dollars 😉

In addition I will of course work out – go hiking with my dogs and play GOLF ❤

I hope you will follow me on my journey and root for my new novel!!

Without readers I am nothing!

❤ ❤ ❤


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