Todays post in English!


I am going to enjoy lazy days for a couple of weeks!

But first I am just going to write a novel, work out every day, go hiking with my dogs, create a parking lot, build a stairwell. build a gate, paint som roofs, put in some new doors… 

Me in a nutshell  – I am lousy at doing nothing….

But I have learned to accept me for who I am – and things get done!!

Yesterday I woke up to this fabulous weather!


And the plan for the day? Project parking lot!

We have been digging at the lower side of our house to make a parking lot for our rental apartment. A couple of days ago we got som asphalt mixed gravel dumped and now was the time to compress it. My weight was not enough so we rented a » Hoppetussa» which translate into something like «Jumpingcrazy» She weighs 285 kilo!

She was so heavy that they lifted her into our car with a truck..



But we, of course were to lift it out off the car with no truck available..

In my head…. Jan and I are very strong….

 I admit that there were a lot of «back and forth» – «heart in my throat feeling» and «shear luck»...before my new friend was safely at the parking lot…


My boyfriend had to go to work, he has no vacation right now – so when we finally got the «Hoppetussa» in place, he left…

I am terrible at waiting – so of course I had to start compressing the gravel…the problem was that I had never use one of those machines……. but details like that has never stopped me before…. There is a first time for everything!!

I got some instruction from my neighbor ( I have great neighbors who always are ready to give me a hand) and I got the hang of it pretty quick. But the motor had to be started like a little boat engine…. (you have to pull hard at the rope) and I just couldn’t do it!! Incredible annoying!! I consider my self quite a strong woman, but this I couldn’t do!!

BUT no worries, my neighbor started the engine for me and I didn’t turn it of until I was finished 2,5 hours later…


It doesn’t look so hard in this picture – but there is a lot of noise – it jumpes up and down and it only drives backwards or forwards ( doesn’t stand still) whichever way I make it go.

My very fit mother of 79 years were called down to help rake the gravel where needed….

After all I couldn’t let go of the machine!

 we made a perfect team……

And of course the result was perfect!!

Parking lot for my tenants; check


There was just a little detalj left……..»Hoppetussa» who hadn’t lost one pond in this hard labour – was supposed to go back into the car….

We called for backup and a mixture of;

«Bravery – foolishness – less sense and crazy ideas» put the lady safely back into our car. This happening unfortunately ( or maybe the opposite) wasn’t documented as all hands and muscles were needed!

Thanks for helping Paul!

A good day with a lot done!! Building stairs is next!!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

❤ ❤ ❤



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