5 things that shouts: WEEKEND IS COMING UP!!

Todays post in English

1. El-sigarett charging

When my boyfriend and I first met – he was a heavy smoker! 😦

NOPE!! that won’t do I said!


Being a nurse anasthetist, taking care of the airways is kind of my thing…

And also I refused to fall in love with someone who was slowly killing him self day by day… 😦

He was pretty much in love so he promised to quit… ❤ ❤ ❤

but I dont think he realized how determined, strong headed and demanding I can be… 🙂

I requested an end date, came up with a plan that I found on internet and in september that year we hit the point of no return!

The first year he smoked el-sigarettes, after all he had been smoking a lot! for many years! So just quitting the real cigarettes were more than enough! But he did it – he never cracked!!

When that year came to an end – I demanded progress and there were cutbacks month for month. Today he is only smoking el-sigarettes Friday and Saturday after 5 pm. and come fall there will be more cutbacks 🙂

So Thursday night there is a lot of charging going on…..

Someone is excited about the weekend 🙂


2.Freshly washed makeup brushes


When the weekend approaches – of course my makeup brushes must be at their best!

There might be an invitation lurking around – maybe a party ?

or other occasions that requires a perfect mask!

ansiktsløftning - lets talk facelift

And lets face it….. the work doesn’t get any easier as the year goes by – so at least the equipment must be perfect!

Every little bit helps!

I hope….


3. My cool and sparkling girlfriend


It is a bit easier to drag myself to work Friday morning – when I meet this lady for breakfast…

¨see you tonight» she whispers softly 🙂


4. My golf equipment freshly washed and ready

We dont always get the time to play golf during the week unfortunately…..

Even better it feels to wash and prepare the gear Thursday night,

book a tee-time in golf box and start dreaming about «that hole in one moment!»

golf redigert

5. Freshly washed – but NO!! not ironed linen


As I have said earlier ironing is NOT my thing, but if you hang up the linen right after washing it – it gets pretty nice without ironing… 🙂


Changing the linen Fridag morning gives promises of so much…:)


I wish you all a wonderful weekend

❤ ❤ ❤

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