Todays post in english


I can’t do it any more..

How can things change that fast?

How can suddenly what I managed yesterday, be totally impossible today??

I feel like I drew the card: » go back to start»

It is no fun anymore 😦


About balls that doesn’t fly any more…

About balls that shoots out to the side

About balls that doesn’t roll longer than 20 yards from where I hit it…

About almost pointless rounds

a feeling that I will never be good at this again…


A couple of weeks ago  I did really good! I felt that I had  finally figured it out and I was hitting the balls a really long distance. Much longer than I ever did before.

At hole 9 you have to hit the ball over the water and up a hill to reach the green – and I actually hit the ball all the way to the green!

my son at hole 9 – the ball has to go all the way up where the trees are

And I thought:

YES!!!! I finally cracked the code!! This is going my way. HCP 36 is within reach!!!! That is my goal this year…. or it was my goal I should say….

I don’t understand that things can change that quickly  – from one day to the other!!

It wasn’t like that learning to ride a bike was it?? You didn’t manage to ride it one day and the day after you sat on it backwards? Or held the handlebar with opposite hands? Or forgot to use the pedals???

The worst is that I don’t know what I am doing wrong and that makes it even harder to change it..

Everybody tells me that all golfer experience this from time to time, but I can shake the feeling that this is something extraordinary and that I never will get the hang of it again….

My brother came visiting from Thailand these weeks and he is very good at golf – so this Friday he went golfing with me to give me some tips and help..20170702_09172520170702_091805

But he did give me some help, with my chip for instance. ( that is when you want to hit the ball into the green from right outside) I have always used my wrist, but now  I learned that I had to keep them straight. My chips did improve so that s something…

But my swing??+ Totally useless right now! it is actually pretty embarrassing to let others see me play…

And I was dreaming of impressing my brother on the golf course when he came home for a visit… Instead it was just a terrible performance!

But it was nice to see him again

and It was a beautiful day at the course

I have to try to focus on the positive. …. 🙂



And after golf we went to the city to enjoy bubbles in the sunshine




So I AM going back to the golf course!!

I will get this!

You will see!!!

I wish you all a wonderful week



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