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Well actually it was yesterday… but a good thing can not be celebrated enough!

So we celebrated yesterday, will have som celebration tonight and tomorrow there is a party. It is an annual thing with our friends were we get together to celebrate my boyfriend and his friends birthday, and at the same time get together for a summer party.

Yesterday I woke him for breakfast before he was going to work ❤

Homemade omelett with salt/pepper, chilli ( we like it HOT:) and chives from my own kitchen garden!!

Served on freshly baked buns, with ice-cold juice and coffee.

And of course gifts 🙂

I had bought him 4 presents and he got to open 2 before going to work. On e was a putting trainer for his golf and the other a very nice golf t-shirt that made him look very sexy!

Of course I celebrated him on facebook as well:

Happy birthday to my kind, crazy, funny and sexy life-loving boyfriend  You are the very best and I love you so much that words can’t describe it.   but I will try anyway;

My heart dances

It dances like never before

It quivers in all my senses

feel my skin

put your head against my chest and hear

Challenging my self

in my best garb as if King Lear

It shouldn’t be  

but who cares?

An incredible happiness

has Conquered my heart

And I know

That love is YOU 
Your  j-.

jan 53 år

After work we went for a 9 hole golf round, didn’t beat any records, but the weather was nice and we had a good time.


And later we had a barbecue with those of the family who are at home right now. His daughter, my  mother and 2 of my children  ( one daugter is in the military, a son is up north with his girlfriend on vacation and my boyfriends sister is in the hospital with a complicated fracture of her  fibula 😦 But his brother who has been in Africa sins may 17th came!!! We had a lovely time  – not the warmest summer night,  but no worries we have warm clothes. Hamburgers and hot Dogs were on the menu as the birthday boy requested.


At this party he got the rest of his gifts. A Nike belt for his Golf pants and a Garmin Golf Watch that measures the distance to the green, bunkers, lay ups etc…

He really liked his gifts! 🙂


A very good birthday celebration in other words!

❤ ❤ ❤



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