For me….its over

Yesterdays post in English

When I see clear water

Whether it is in a river

or in a mountain lake


happy bader

or in the sea

The only thing I can think of is to jump insydenbading


preferably naked

but only when we are alone of course…. 😉


Temperature is of no concern to me

I actually like it cold

It gives a rush of adrenalin

And it feels fantastic



No, I am not crazy

And I am not alone…


ut i isen

We are several people  that meet up every sunday

Our swimming season starts the last weekend of august

and are finished the last weekend of may..

This year 3 of us has taken a swim every Sunday  trough the hole season

We do both Christmas

– and new year swim

January the first we met after a pretty wild New Years party, still in our costumes of course and somewhat hangover…

but the adrenalin shock does wonder for many things – also hangovers 🙂

Sometimes we have work ourselves trough the ice

Thats just makes it extra cool… 🙂


slår hull i isenMy boyfriend is always with us

but he doesn’t like to take a swim in the cold water

strange right???

But he takes pictures

and not least of all

he prepares the conditions for us


Sometimes it is impossible to reach water

So then we have to use our imagination


snøbadingIt has been said to be healthy this ice-swimming

but then you are suppose to do it every day

So my deepest wish is to live so close to the sea that I can go swim every morning….

until then it will have to do with every Sunday – with the best gang ever!


But –  for me it is over as I said

the swim season that is…

Of course I jump in during the summer as well

But thats nothing to brag about if you ask me 🙂

❤ ❤ ❤

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