I am so cool some times…

Todays post in English

I was what you would call a pretty wild teenager

I liked to live life to the fullest –  party and have fun


we went to dance arrangement out in the countryside looong before we were old enough

We just went down to the pier, to ask the older boys with cars, if we could get a ride

And we always did 🙂

I travveled to the Canary Islands with friends when I was 16 years old -incredible that my mother would let me!!

«But we could always trust you» she says to her defence


There were a lot of home alone parties….

We went out in the city with borrowed Identity…

There were big conserts in Copenhagen, and different cities in Norway

I traveled to the US as a foreign exchange student……and tried out some things there…

I moved to Copenhagen for a while….and tried out some things there…


I had orange, red and white hair  – I had afro, hedgehog, super long and super short hair.

I shaved off my hair just to prove to a teacher that I dared…


Than I became a mother and pulled myself together….

In 7 years I had 4 children – all before I turned 29

YES; as I have said before – it was quite busy…

It so strange how we can totally let go of our self for some time – to fully concentrate on taking care of others..


But that is what we do as parents

Suddenly nothing is as important as the little ones at home

But as they grow older it all stabilizes

and you can prioritize yourself a little bit again

Thank God!

Or we would be pretty boring as humans…

«You are so much younger and cooler than the other moms,» my oldest son said to me when he started school 

Of course I was – I was just a baby when I got him!!!

When my little one started school I wasn’t the youngest of the moms anymore…

But she still thought I was cool – especially when I picked her up at school with my Motor cycle.


Maybe I am not;

I dont iron, I am no wonder in the kitchen, my garden is nothing to brag about, I am divorce X2, I can scream pretty loud when angry, I use profanity from time to time, sometime I make a fool of myself, and I have many flaws..


I can fix almost everything in the house – I build walls – I can cast, paint, put up wallpaper, fix the electricity, I do tiling and flooring…

It is not a thing I wouldn’t help my kids with – If I know how –

and I most often do! 🙂

YES! I have a huge self-confident monster on my shoulder 🙂


  • I DIG to ride the roller coaster – last time me and my youngest went to a fair in Oslo, she got tired way before me and sat down with the other parents who were waiting for their kids – while I took a couple of rides more…

berg og dalbane

  • I love to ski – very fast I might add. I have taught all my children how to ski – but I do believe that at least my boys will ski faster than me now…

på ski

I love my Kawasaki

And some times I drive a little fast…

kawaen min

  • I love to dress up for carnival or other theme parties and I have always engaged myself in the kids dress up events – and they never lacked anything in that department…
  • I have started to play golf – after my sons request  – and now we have a mutual interest and activity!

golf redigert

I am an ice swimmer


  • I am not afraid to try something new  – I love a challenge


    So yes!!!

I do think I am pretty awesome and cool sometimes – but I don’t know if my kids agree….

Is that important???


The only thing that matters to me is that they know  I love them more than anything else and that there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for them!!


❤ ❤ ❤


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