Please dont leave me!!! I can’t live without you!!

Todays post in English

You came into my life very early and I knew immediately that I loved you


At the same time I knew I couldn’t trust you

You were not one that I could count on…

You do what you want…

With no regards for others….

One moment you are here and I couldn’t be happier.

ben og vann

The days seems longer

Brighter and warmer.

The joy simply bobles in my chest

I can’t get enough of you….

so sometimes I get burned….


But suddenly you are gone and I am left behind

The days are grey and cold again

Things seems harder and the ake for you is sometimes unbearable….

hjerte i skyene

You came by a some weeks ago, and we had a perfect couple of days….

We barbacued and spent most of the days outside….

We had such a wonderful time together…. and still you left….

I dont understand….

kajakk i solnedgang

I have tried to follow you

acted like a stalker….

made my plans regarding to were you are supposed to be…

I just showed up and you seemed happy to see me…

at least you didn’t leave….


We had wonderful days together  and again I have felt like the luckiest and happiest girl in the world..

But life called me back to reality and I had to go back…

No matter how much I begged and cried, you refused to go back home with me…


sol fra fly

It has been so painful – such heartbreaking good byes for me…

But you dont seem to mind – you dont seem to care…

I have tried to undermine my self and been willing to share you with others – realizing that you will never be monogamous

But others get so much more of you and I feel the jealousy burn within….

What do they have that I dont? Why do you chose to spend so much time with them instead of me?

You know how much I love you!!

høyt til fjells

I have thought about forgetting you

realize that you will never stay with me constantly…

That I cant live with the bits and pieces that you offer…

veten i sol

And for periodes I have managed to do so

but suddenly you show up again and tear down every wall that I have buildt

You have an incredible power over me and apparently over others as well….


Sometimes I know that you are suppose to come

I have been told in advance and I am so excited

I plan and make arrangements….



and sometimes you dont show up even though it has been said you would

and the disappointment is almost unbearable….

Other times you show up as a lightning from clear sky

and the surprise is as big as the joy…


I worship you

I love you

I always miss you when you are not here

I can’t live without the little that I see of you…

so I will make do as long as you promise not to leave me entirely

but I do have a little request and I hope you will give me that…

I do think I deserve it;




❤ ❤ ❤

20 kommentarer om “Please dont leave me!!! I can’t live without you!!

  1. Hahahaha. I actually thought it was about a person. Genuinely. I loved the little twist at the end. Keep it up. I adore your writing 🙂


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