I have an uneven circle in my head….

Todays post in English


My thoughts often follows different shapes…… usually circles….

When I think about the 12 months of the year for instance. I see it as an uneven circle, where January is at the top and a bit to the right side – and the next months follows downwards to July which is at the bottom. August also starts at the bottom but very quickly starts climbing upwards on the left side where December meets January at the top. The left side is a bit shorter as there are fewer months at that side….



If I make plans ahead, I clearly see the circle and where the actual month that we discuss is placed….. It is usually unconsciously, but some times I realize that I am doing it, and than I wonder if other people think like that as well??

I see the week pretty similarly. That circle is more round, but longer at the left side as all the weekdays are there. Friday is at the top leaning against the right side were the weekend is going downwards and Monday is at the bottom starting to go upwards…

meg tegning trist

When I write this down, it sounds crazy – to me as well…. I have tried to draw the circles, but they never look the same as they do in my head….

Right now I am at the bottom of the year circle and in the week circle I am at the middle of the left side….

When I try to explain this, I realize that I explain the circles as you would see the from the outside – as if they were drawn on paper – but in my head I see them from the inside – my right is your left…. but sometimes I do see the from the outside as well, especially when I make plans with other people…

When I think of numbers they are not in a circle – but more in a ladder….. 1- 10 goes straight up from the bottom, but 11 – 20 slightly increases to the left, from 20 to 100 it almost goes straight up again….but from there on I loose the image. Of course I know the numbers further, but they don’t have a place in any  formation any longer…

I wonder if that has anything to do with age? Because I do put people in the ladder due to their age – and as we all know not many people gets to be much older than 100 years……… and the only numbers that actually deviates from the formation is 11 – 20 and we all know how awkward the teens were…

One thing I find a bit funny, is that when I learned to count in different language, Spanish for example, the numbers followed the same ladder….



hmmmm…. no, I am not crazy 🙂

I have written about this before and I got a lot of feedback from people that had different types of thinking patterns… On the radio I heard about an musician who saw all the music she created in colors. Not one color for the hole song/melody…but for every sequence she could say; this part is light blue… She also planned the melodies she was going make in color maps..

To me that’s sounds incredible – but at the same time I realize that many people have many different thinking patterns…. that they may not be aware of, or at least don’t talk so much about….

Feel free to comment if you have a thinking pattern – I would love to hear about it20170512_230926[1]


❤ ❤ ❤

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