Having a bad hair-day????

Todays post in English

My hair grows incredible fast

it has always been like that

As a teenager I was so afraid to eksperiment with different hairstyles

If I cut it short one summer

it would be just as long the next if I wanted it to

I loved to change

try all sorts of colors

not all my project was a success…..

Today I was planning to give you a tour of all my hairstyles from the beginning right up to today…


My first hairstyle, still untouched by human hands….


The first year of my life, my mother had a strong impact on how I looked…

I wonder what she was thinking….

20170730_185517I can understand why I wouldn’t smile on this photo…maybe my brother, ( who is smiling beside me) is the one who cut my hair??

20170730_185445Side parting of the century and look at the pattern of the dress!!!

At the small village where I lived my first years,

there was a hairdresser who had her salong in the basement of her house,

She cut the hair of all the kids in the area

Which was fortunate actually….

I wouldn’t want to be the only one showing up for school wit this hairstyle…….


Getting older, I finally got to choose my hairstyle my self and I wanted it long…

notice the curtains in the picture on the left…


The hair was pretty long after a while….


But then I got bored with it, and cut it off…


And then it was time for my confirmation…..

Again my mother took me to the hairdresser

again someone else was deciding my hairstyle….


20170730_185714No comment….

I was a foreign exchange studen in the US and of course I had to get my high school picture taken..


I didn’t trust any hairdresser in the US

So I didn’t cut my hair that year

as a result my hair was pretty long when I returned home

and at that time curls ( hair perming) were quite popular


And the long hair stayed for some years – in different styles



But than I got bored with it again

and I cut it short…


I went from hair to the middle of my back – to very short and orange….my boyfriend didn’t even know I was going to the hairdresser……and he cried when I go home…

The short hair stayed with me for a while and also came in many different styles….



Suddenly I got tired of it

and lucky me

it grew back very fast

and than it was long again



I repeated the success of cutting it very short when I it was long. one more time…

At that time it wasn’t only my boyfriend who was crying…

One of my sons, who was 7 at the time, sat outside our house crying his eyes out

«What has happened» someone asked him

And my son replied;

«My mom is bald»

The later years I have varied between long – half long and short hair….

I may not eksperiment as much as I did right now….

but there are other ways to change your hairstyle

It is just as fun, and not as lasting…


Right now my hair is pretty long, but who knows? It can be short before you know it….

air condition


❤ ❤ ❤






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