Todays post in English

We finally went on our vacation….

That was my first worry; would we go anywhere at all this year??? Or would we end up staying home in the pouring rain, playing golf at soaked fields?

We hadn’t booked anything when the vacation started, but there where some loose ideas….

And then suddenly…..within 2 days the trip to Spain was booked…..

With the airline Norwegian…..


So then my next worry surfaced……delay…….that seem to be  Norwegians trademark this summer…

I might be a bit unjust saying that – I have travelled with Norwegian many times, 3 times to Thailand among others – and they have always been  right on time….except for this March when we had to stay a day longer in the Canary Island due to delay…

But there has been a lot of delays this summer – so I was worried……


Norwegian was punctual both in leaving Norway and arriving Spain

We had booked real cheap tickets to Murscia ( wich is about an hour drive from the resort we were going to) and the plane was not full at all:


We landed as I said right on time – both suitcases and golf gear came quickly, which I also had worried about…..wouldn’t be the same on a golf resort without our golf gear…

And it was hot!! Very Hot: 31 degrees celsius / 87,8 farenheit at 8.15 pm)


…..we walked straight to the shutlebus who drove us to the rental car company. Where they tried to sell us several » very cheap» insurances for the car, but this control freak had already read all the small letter writings and knew we had all the insurance that we needed 🙂

As a «penalty» we had to pay a deposit for 1000 euro, which we will get back when returning the car undamaged……so no it is placed in a garage and will only be used in an emergency;)  so no worries there at least 🙂

Another worry I had was how we would fit all the luggage into the little car we rented??? we had 2 golf bags + a large and a small suitcase and our self!….I was pretty sure the car didnt have a roof rack….

It turned out just fine….I couldnt see shit out the rear window,but no suitcases were left behind.

And then it was the drive…..on a highway in a small Fiat….with all the crazy Spanish drivers in front,on the side and behind…anf the sudden dark as if someone has hit the lightswitch..

Of course I was the driver – my boyfriend doesnt like airplanes so he medicates his anxiety with Underberger🍹

Ergo;  » he is not a designated driver!»

The drive started with a fight in the first roundabout ……- but we were smart and blamed it on the GPS lady…so we could stay friends……

The rest of the drive went just fine! Little traffic the most of the way and GPS is really Gods gift to tourists on the road…..We drove straight on to the resort and arrived at 10 pm Saturday evening.

My next worry was the apartment….It wasn’t the one we originally wanted to book, and the pictures the landlord had sent from this one, looked like something from grandmas youth….. but when the pictures arrived we had no choice, the tickets were booked and we needed somewhere to stay…

We also looked up the landlord; John on facebook and OMG!!! – not very smart to put photoshopped pictures of your self with long hanging tits when you are in the business of renting out houses…!!

I was very apprehensive and didnt know that the photo wasnt real…..and when we texted him to tell him we had landed he answered with this text;

«Sorry for how I will look – red head from sunburn and Ginparty with my friends tonight»


But John was a real nice guy – he met us at the gate – showed us the garage and took us to the apartment ( wich looked much better than the photos) And he had bought us water and a bottle of champagne!




❤ ❤ ❤


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