The answer to everything…

Todays post en English

The peace….

and quiet…

And those silent moments

All alone…

To the sound of the world stretching…

Before anyone is awake..


Right now it is in Albir, Spain

At the terrace…

07.00 am

At 25 degrees celsius


But it could also be at home

At 05.00 am

Before going to work..

Walking the dogs

A winterday were the snow is flying in the wind…

Or a rainy morning with the rain pounding at the window…

That is my moment

That’s when I find my self


That’s when I am at my most intelligent

My most sensible


That’s when I think smart…

Find the answers to what was so complicated yesterday..

Finish what ever bad feelings, conflicts or quarrels I might have with anyone…

Feel the love and kindness for mandkind..

The wish for peace for everyone…

Make the big descisions

Make plans for the future

Solve world issues

Find the answers to everything


Everyone should have moments like that..

To really think things trough

Find the smartest thoughts

Make the best descisions…

I wish that for a lot of people…

But most of all I wish that for Trump


I wish you all a good quiet moment all to your self


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