I am back!!!!

Todays post in English

First day back at work….

It`s  not that bad when I am first here…

It is actually quite nice….

Meeting up with good colleagues….

Remembering that I am actually good at more than playing golf, drinking wine, sun tanning……

and eating way to much good food…



It feels good that I am actually good at something

feel the pride of my profession….

The identity that also lies there…




But yesterday was a difficult day

Sunday night, after weeks of vacation and free time to do whatever I wanted…

The thought of the alarm-clock who would come crashing back into my life in just a few hours….

In front of the TV with my boyfriend and a glass of wine…

Or it was actually champagne…

A last toast with bubbles for a fantastic vacation….

That was hard….

Very hard to think about the vacation coming to an end…



But today its all good

Not just starting work but all the other routines;

Work out

Eating healthier

Getting back to writing on my book who has been left alone for too long…

Make plans for all the exciting project that we have coming up

( will tell you more about them this fall)

And not to mention starting a new job in a couple of weeks!!

Trauma center here I come!!

YUP! This fall is going to be great!!

hoppende glad

I wish you all a great start to your week

❤ ❤ ❤

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