Meet Janecke – the Lioness

Todays post in English:

So I am not a virgo anymore..

Never been apparently…

I am a lioness…

Not that I follow my horoscope every day – or believe that it is totally accurate….

But we do read it from time to time, dont we?

At least I do

And this weekend I read my new horoscope;

Lion (Leo)



  • The lion is naturally lively and has a huge need of being in the center of attention..

Need for attention??  ME????  well some will say thats quite accurate….

* People born in the sign of the lion see themselves as aristocrats and treat others in that regard…..

Hmmmmm that doesn’t sound so good….I hope I treat others in a decent way……at least I try to……but maybe I do act like a DIVA from time to time…??

* The Lion is The life-artist of Our time;

Hmmm this I had to google and I found a quotation from one of Norways most famous adventurer; Arne Ness

«It isn’t what you do with your time, but how you do it. How much engagement and power you put into it. Life-artists do the little tings in a big manner.»

Well I do everything in life in BIG LETTERS… 🙂


  • When the lion is happy they spread the joy to everyone around, unfortunately this also happen when they are in a bad mood….

THIS my boyfriend will agree to especially…

* The lion knows best what’s right or wrong. The lion doesn’t have a need to listen to others opinion  and they are not easy to convince otherwise…

My motto in life:  I am always right, once I thought I was wrong – turns out I was mistaken…

But all jokes aside: I actually enjoy a good discussion and I DO listen to others opinion. I might not be the easiest to convince otherwise, but it has been known to happen…

I’m  sure my boyfriend is shaking his head frenetically right know…. 🙂



  • The typically Lion take on big projects, but also have the need for rest afterwards.

I Love big projects and I go all in. I have tremendous belief in my self and my skills…( maybe to much some times…..) – I never think that this is something I can not do ( even though I have failed before…)



Rest on the other hand, is not my strong suit….but a short powernap I can do….

* The Lion is proud and attracted to elegancy, colours and everything in big scales.

Well I do love dresses that are «eyecatching» and that says ; HERE I COME!! 🙂



– Independent : yep, I like the unity, but I can do all right by myself..
– Idealist; I guess…..
– Always in the center of attention; my favorite place to be 🙂
– Crafty: yep
– Arrogant: Hmmmm…..that doesn’t sound good…..maybe I can seem that way sometimes???? But I`m not!! I promise!

– Open: Very!!! My motto is to tell all about my flaws and mistakes, to take the fun out of speaking about me behind my back…
– Elegant.; I hope!!


Hmmmmmmmmm…….. YES!! I guess I am a Lioness than!




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