A chapter in my life is over – sad and good at the same time..

Todays post in English


I`ve been working here for 12 years

almost on the day actually

I remember starting this job on my  birthday

 30th August 2005…

And I was here from the beginning

The center opened that year….

So what have I been doing these 12 years???

I`ve been a member of the resuscitation council in Helse Bergen as long as I have been working here…

I was a part of implementing automatic defibrillators ( AED) in all hospital wards in Helse Bergen in 2005 – 2006. we used 1,5 years to teach all the personnel how to use them…so we realized that we needed more instructors…

So then we made a course for AED/CPR instructors in Helse Bergen – and today there are more than 150 of them. They train with us 2 times a year and then they teaches their own co-workers several times a year.

I have had a close cooperation with most of them for many years – which I have appreciated a lot!

Without them the health professionals in Helse Bergen wouldn’t get to train CPR that often




I was the one who started the weekly cardiac arrest team training in 2006

after a loooong time of arguing for the benefits of such training…

 I finally got CPR with AED training to be mandatory for all new employees in Helse Bergen. a couple of years ago….

I am one of two NRR ( = Norwegian Resuscitation council) AHLR ( advanced CPR) main instructor in our hospital.

I have been working in the tender- group for buying new defibrillators in Helse Bergen in 2017. And been in charge of training the personnel with new equipment afterwards. 

I have been discussing with several, but also had great cooperation with the same people…

I have been part of developing courses to educate facilitators through many years…

I have contributed to several research projects – some that has ended in a Ph.D for some. And I have my self finished a master in nurse science.

I have developed many courses, held countless courses, attended numerous myself and learned a lot..

I have been teaching students, oil-company employers, emergency room nurses, priests, co-workers, newly educated and experienced; nurses, doctors, ambulance workers, orderlies, cleaning assistants and even the director of the hospital;

direktøren og jeg

I’ve  been speaking in big meetings, lecturing for large crowds if they wanted me to and my thought has always been that the word NO will make me miss out on stuff…

I have enjoyed being in the center of attention ( Big Surprise!!)

I’ve been to countless congresses in;  i Stavanger, Oslo, Lund, Bodø, Trondheim, Svolvær, Tromsø, Porto, Berlin, Gent, København,Paris and Praha

( and many more I am sure I don’t remember…)

I have played ALOT with dolls;


Made a mess with blood, acted, made movies and life action drama..

I have talked my self hoarse and tired of my own voice, just to come back the next day to do it all over again…

I have laughed and been touched……

I have been disappointed and sad…

I’ve met a lot of great people – been fortunate to work with some of this hospitals «legends»

And I got the opportunity to work in a project in Zanzibar


I am a part of Helse Bergens health team that travels abroad to help Norwegians caught in natural disasters of some kind ( Was created after the tsunami in the Indian ocean in 2004)

I have gotten some really good friends that has been there for me when I needed them to, some I will meet in my new job, some in my private life…

❤ ❤ ❤

And today the 1 of September 2017 I have my last day here…

My desk is emptied out and ready for my supersedes…

And that is people that I KNOW will do well here and take the work that I have done and move forward.



My stuff has been moved to my new space

It is a bit weird

It is a bit sad

But most of all its GOOD!

It feels totally right

It was time

20170901_074256A little good bye to my boss


Thank you so much for now «ferdighetssenteret» ( skill training center)

❤ ❤ ❤

You are a love and a pride I take with me ahead…



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