His heart stopped 3 times! «We» saved him!

Todays post in English

I remember working in a regular hospital ward many years ago

Many of our patients stayed for a longer period of time

We got to know them

They got to know us

Some were soooo grateful

and we got a lot of feedbacks;

…that we did a good job

……that we made a difference to them

……that we were appreciated

Either in form of words



and many times in form of chocolate

usually  confectionary


That is very rare were I work now….

We deal with acute and critical injured patiens

Life treating situations

afterwards the patient continues through the system

Without ever knowing us

without ever «meeting» us

Without ever knowing we were there….

Of course they know what has happened to them

And that someone saved their life

But not that it was us

Not that it was me…

It doesn’t really matter that much

When you deal with life threatening situations….

when you treat critically injured patients

You realize that your effort is of value

You know you make a difference

It is gratification enough!

It gives a pride and joy in our profession that is hard to describe…

10th of may 2017 a helicopter crashed into the sea at the harbor in Bergen


In the helicopter there were 3 men

David Tang, Charles Chan og Quentin Smith

They all got out of the helicopter that was upside down in the water,

Quentin and David by their own – Charles was saved out by Quentin..

They were all conscious when they broke the surface

But when David got up, he inhaled exhaust-gas and swallowed aviation fuel…

He quickly lost consciousness and went into cardiac arrest..

Several lucky factors contributed to the further chain of treatment ending as well as it did…

Redningsselskapet ( rescue company at sea) was near by due to another assignment

They startet CPR quickly

Helikopter_Foto_Norsk Luftambulanse

The air ambulanse were soon at the scene

and advanced life saving treatment were initiated

A very accomplished doctor secured the airways and quickly decided that all lifesaving efforts should be done…

This is an important, but difficult decision to make in each cases – but it has to be considered carefully because it must be both ethically and a certain chance of survival..

The intensive care that David received at the hospital was of top quality

Which resulted in Davids full recovery and discharge from the hospital only 16 days later



Yesterday we were so fortunate to hear Davids story, told by himself and the people that saved him

He started his lecture by saying; » My heart stopped 3 times – I am an ex-dead man!»


We are attending a trauma-congress in Førde, Norway and Davis wanted to come and show his gratitude by telling his story

I thanked him and expressed how wonderful it is for us to hear patiens stories and views…..it doesn’t happened to often..

They usually continues trough the system before they are conscious

It is how it should be…

But sometimes a confectionary is given to us as well

One like David

Who gratefully thanks for everything that has been done for him..

Who tells us how important this was for him and of course his family….

Who puts a face and a personality to all the patients we meet as a trauma team:


«Was I a part of the team that rescued him?» he asked

«No I wasn’t»

But I, as most of my colleagues  has treated similar patients…

And when we hear success stories like this one, we are so proud on our colleagues behalf..

We are so proud of our profession

We are so proud of our job

The truth is that David was saved by several lucky circumstances – combined with very accomplished physicians and health care personell

Especially rapid start of CPR ( cardiac and pulmonary rescue)

As the attending doctor in ICU that night stated;

We have high quality intensive care at our hospital – but that doesn’t amount to much if those who are near by when the accident occurs doesn’t start CPR…

We have to start saving life at once!!

Lucky for David the Sea rescue company was near by when it happened

Without them he probably wouldn’t have reached the hospital alive…


The RS company is a voluntary company and they save many lifes at sea each year

Their motto is;

Nobody is going to drown

David didnt drown!!

Thanks to them…

To thank them, the 3 men from the helicopter has decided to donate 2,8 million Norwegian kroners to the RS

I am sure they will be well spent

More lives will be saved



❤ ❤ ❤

PS; I was not involved in the treatment of David and has not shared any privileged information – all this can be read in the newspapers or heard in Davids interviews.


To read more about the story:

helicopter crash





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