To climb a mountain…..

Todays post in English

It is that time of year again

The weekend we´ve planned for all year…

Looked forward too

What peak to climb this year?

Where should we travel?

Where should we stay?

For 9 years we have traveled and climbed mountains with our colleagues

These are the mountains we have climbed:

Melderskin in Rosendal


Kjerag/Bolten and Prekestolen

Hornelen, Store Smørstabbtind, Slogen, Fanaråken, Breidablikk an also all the way up in the spier of Nidarosdomen….


A doctor from Africa visiting our hospital in Bergen wrote about his meeting with the strange Norwegians….

One Sunday morning he sat by his window and saw a crowd of people  walking by , continuing up the mountain. He threw his clothes on and hurried after them curious to see what was going on?

it was a long walk and he couldn’t believe it when he realized that they only went up the mountain to eat their lunch just to go back down again…..In Africa they walked only to get something or to go somewhere…

He also asked the question: How far up the mountain must Norwegian go before they start greeting each other?»


we drag ourselves up the mountainside


Some turns before they reach the top

Thats ok!

we eat and drink some

Talk a lot

Laugh even more….

maybe drink some champagne, cider or beer…:)


Take «some» pictures at the top….often with our hands in the air…..dont know why…..just something we do…


Change out of sweaty clothes

and turn back down again…

when we get back down  we party and have fun!

and the next day we go back home…

Why do we do this every year?

Whats the point?

If you ask that question you have never been on a mountain top…

seen the view…

experienced that «good tired» feeling after an physical challenge

And also;

It is social

It is so fun

It is so important to our work environment


This year we went to SKÅLA in Loen

We went from sero meters above the ocean to 1848 meters above the Ocean ( 2021 yards) in only 8 kilometers… ( =4mi 1708.906yd)

So very steep!!

Challenging hike…

Maybe one of the most challenging we´ve been on…

But it was fabulous

It was great



We had snow on the top

1150 moh

And we took a swim at 1150meter ( =1257yd 1.96ft)  above the ocean in perhaps 4 og 5 degrees celsius ( 39 fahrenheit)  Only 2 of us went in!

The day after we took the sky-lift op to the Via Ferrata….before going home…

Next time I will climb it…..maybe…..



We got to see basejumpers in wing-suits throwing themself off the cliff…

 My palms were swetty, but I did manage to film them…

» What if they crash into the mountainside??» I gasped. » What will we do than?»

 » We cant do anything than – you will have to call Your boyfriend» One of the doctors replied 🙂

(My boyfriend is a funeral agent 🙂 )


We have had a wonderful weekend

We have enjoyed ourselves so much

We have sore, heavy and stiff legs as proof! 🙂

We will do the same next year

But in a different part of our country- on a different mountain



❤ ❤ ❤







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