To wake up feeling «blue»

Todays post in English

Post election day in Norway….



A bit discouraged

meg tegning trist

This didnt end the way I wanted it to…

I wanted change

to something better

A warmer society

A more including society

A society where we want whats best for everybody – not just for our self!!

død på stranden

A society that doesn’t criticizes and diminish others love….


I am surprised by some of the voters…

People I know who chose their politic party based on;

Who they like as a person…not their politics…

or a party that has one cause they agree on…..and just forget about the rest…

Or those who choose a party because they think one of the persons has gotten to much criticism??

Or like some of Trumps voters ( and some in this country to) said; «he speaks his mind»

Most people do! – They are just not as extreme int their views… it isn’t as spectacular when they say something.. (common decency some would call it…)

Where is the community-bond we felt after 22 july?

The time when our politicians agreed on a more careful politic criticism  and no harassment of people


22 juli

Many of our politician in many of our parties could do better regarding this..

I hope most of you who voted, know who  and what you voted for..

That you read their program…

Do they support the disability benefits?

What do they do for the elderly and the low paid- workers?

Do they «believe» in global warming? And do they have a plan??

Will they secure equal health care for everyone – both rich and not so rich??

Is the tax-cuts for you or just the richest among us?

How will they treat ( maybe your son/daughter – grandchild’s) future gay rights?

What are their views on human rights and dignity for all?


I wonder

I wonder about our politicians

I wonder about those who has the power

They know whats the right thing to do

Still they dont

I wonder about our children

I wonder about those who trust us

What do they think about the choices we have made?

What do we leave them with?

I wonder about God

I wonder about the Almighty

Why does he let som starve

When others eat them self to death?

I wonder about us that has so much in life

I wonder about those who suffer

Why do we accept each others destiny?

What gives us the right?



I believe in democracy

I am glad for everyone that voted

It is our duty

It is our chance to tell how we want things to be

As Frank Årebrot said ( a very well known election researcher in Norway who died 2 days ago):

«Sitting home is half a vote to those you like the least»

I manage the defeat as I should;

I bend to the majority…

I hope the majority doesn’t get dissapointed

Dissapointed like me



I think Norway has gotten a bit colder

I am a bit scared

I still hope for change

I hope some personalities will be taken out of the government

I hope those who has the power – knows how to do the right choices…

And I hope for a better election in 4 years..




«wether its blue or not»

❤ ❤ ❤

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