The BITCH and I

The english version of mondays post!


She is direct – more direct than I appreciate some times

She is honest – so honest that it scares me from time to time

She is confrontational – and it can get real unpleasant 

She is assertive – annoyingly assertive

She can be quite a «Besserwisser»  – and who likes them??

She will gladly engage in a discussion – and has a hard time backing down

She says what she means – and thats not always popular

She is very clear – maybe to clear for some?

She loves attention – and tend to take up to much space sometimes

She is a bit crazy

She got tonns of confidence

She is fearless

meg tegning trist


I am friendly – try to smile or say something nice to those I meet.

I am nice – as nice as I can

I am supportive – I wish to be a good friend

I am a good listener – actually listen to what people say

I try to follow this principal:

If you theres something positiv on you mind; say it out loud – If something negativ; Shut up!

I am lojal – you will always know were you got me!

I am collegial – I care about the work environment

I am a team player – love to work with others

I hate unjust – who doesn’t?

I am an antirasist – but meet myself in the door some times….

I am generous – stinginess has no place in my life

I try to be unprejudiced – it is a struggle that must be fought every day!

I care what other thinks of me

I want people to like me

I also have confidence – but maybe not as much

I am reasonable

But I am scared of the dark and I am claustrophobic


We are so different

We often disagree

She tells stuff about us  – that I would like to keep a secret

She embarrasses us – and dont care

She fights – when all I want is to be friends

She says things in anger – that I dont mean

She demands her rights – When I actually am content

She speaks in big crowds – when all I want is to be quiet

She grabs attention – when I want to be invisible


So why are we together  –  when so different?

Why have we not gone our separate ways?


We have no choice

We are stuck with each other


She pushes me – I put on the brakes

She get things done, sometimes to fast – I plan, pauses  and take some time

She is a daredevil and gives me wonderful experiences – I am reasonable and give her stability.

She toughens me up  – I soften her edges

She challenges me – I calm her down

We fulfill meg

We help me

We will always be there for me

She is me and I am her

But you know her best 🙂

på hender på zanzibar

There is one person i MUST love and that is myself – ALL parts of me!

I am the only one I cant turn my back on



❤ ❤ ❤

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