Yesterdays post in English

Monday morning

starts just as planned

Crossfit workout for 20 minutes


hang up 2

A walk with the dogs

a quick shower

Leaving home with my breakfast in my backpack

I´ll eat when i get to work

In the garage my love awaits ❤

We have had a long lasting love affair and I´m still in love ❤



Off to work…

same route as always

same challenges with traffic and lots of cars

Drive defensively

but at the same time get there

Pass the traffic jams

but make sure to be seen

In total controll


I get hit by a car that throws me over to the lane next to us…

….there I hit another car, before I land on the ground

I hit the other car with my knee, so no wonder it hurts some afterwards…


It wasn’t´t high speed…

I didnt hurt my selv much in the impacts

…..but lying there on the ground I wait for the next car coming at high speed….

At this intersection they drive really fast..

What is coming next?

A big truck?

or a smaller car?

Its dark….

Will they see me?

Manage to stop in time…?

Will I end up int the ER, met by my own colleagues?

Or an even worse alternative?

Its amazing how many thoughts can run trough you head in just a blink of an eye….

But no cars ran over me…they either managed to stop or changed lane…

I dont know

Someone helps me up

I am able to drive the bike out of the intersection, but of course it is damaged…


We write an injury report

Both drivers from the two cars are really nice…

worried about how I am doing…

I am just thinking about the truck that never came…

A nasty experience…

but Im not going to stop driving my bike because of it…

I cant quit something I love!

Something that makes me happy…


mc 1

If I weren’t  to do anything dangerous in this life, I would have to park my car immediately..

But I do drive carefully – defensively – making sure to always be seen…

Maybe a bit more after yesterdays experience..?

Am I hurt?

Vel…. a bit beaten, some pain in my neck and knee..


But mostly I hurt in my bike…. 🙂

My great love…<3

kawaen min


❤ ❤ ❤



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