Dead scared…..

Yesterdays post in english

The pulse is racing

sweaty palms

my heart is pounding like crazy in my chest

I feel nauseous…

Have to look out the window to calm down

and that’s when sitting safely on my coach…

What’s going on?

A TV program…

A reality show


They are climbing on the edge of a mountain!!!

extremely steep on both sides!!!

I am safely on my coach…

but still scared to death

Or my body symptoms indicates that I am….

Fear of heights

Also on behalf of others…

It’s strange how different we humans react to the same experiences…

Some of the participants in this season are scared to death at that mountain wall

….others are having the time of their lives..

Why do we react so differently?


My fears are heights and claustrophobia

But I love speed and excitement….

I ride the most fearsome roller coasters

The height isn’t a problem  when I am strapped to a seat and dont have to move myself.. 

Speeding with my motorbike

Always pushing limits when skiing downhill…

But put me on the edge of a mountain and I am a nervous wreck..


This is me at Bolten(Kjerag). On a hiking trip with colleagues. Couldn’t resist going out there when everybody else did…but I was scared to death….and only let go of my colleague Bård-Arnes hand for about 2 sec in order to take this picture…

Some studies show that a lot of people are more afraid of talking in front of a crowd than they are of dying…

I love to talk to large crowds, standing on å stage, getting all the attention…

But put me in an MRI machine and the panic isn’t far away…



Common sence got nothing to do with it….

Og course I know that the MRI can’t suffocate me….

I know I can get out…

I often give anestetic to children in order to get them to do MRI….thats part of my job…

I know how to operate the machine

Know how it works…

BUT it doesn’t help

This is all about feelings


They say its easy to cure…

Phobia that is…

I would like to get rid of my claustrophobia…..

So maybe I should see a shrink??

Get some cognitive therapy?

But my fear of heights????…..

Isn’t that just common sense?

As one of the participants in the reality show answered when they asked him what he was scared of:

«Vel, I am scared I am going to fall down and die!»

Sounds reasonable to me! 🙂





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