Gas leak and emergency response request

Mondays post in English

06:25 pm

the phone rings

«this is an emergency request by Haukeland University hospital….»

«…..It has been registered that you are able to meet within 30 minutes…..»

Calling a colleague – a gas leak at the shopping-mall he says….


kilden senter

I jump into the car, while wondering what has happened ….

Is it a terror act?

its sad, but this is often the first thing you think these days…

Arriving at the hospital alle the roads are guarded by police or security guards

They let me through to the parking lot

I run in and report for duty

dress up in scrubs

sit at the designated place for the nurse anesthetists

minutes after the intern phone rings

the list of who can meet and when – obviously has reach the organisator, they ask for us by name.

They want us into the emergency rooms

There, a secretary meets us, gives us vests with our work tiltes

We form teams and wait for the patients to arrive


wonder what will meet us?

Are they very ill?


is it life threatening?

and then they arrive….

wet and cold

have been undressed at the scene

through the decontamination tent and a cold shower


met by staff in protective suits


Outside the hospital in the cold October night

surely scary

not a great experience… but necessary

all precaution had to be taken

we didnt now what gas we were dealing with…..

I was part of team 2 – we were;  a nurse, a nurse anesthetist, a anestesiolog, a medical doctor and a bioengineer

we took our patient to assign place

covered them with warm blankets

tried to calm and reassure them…

They were in relative good shape

An itchy and burning feeling in their throat and eyes..

some were coughing and had a headache

we applied an intravenous line and drew som blood samples


asked them what they had experienced..

Tried to find out what had happened and how it effected our patient

It was all done pretty quickly and then the patient was sent for observation in a near by ward

There was many of us there

we were ready to meet the next patient

in 13 minutes we handled 12 patients

All in all we treated 19

No one was seriously sick or hurt

I am sure they were a bit shocked, but at the same time they were very appreciative that this was taken so seriously

They were grateful

and felt very well taken care of

«This is a very good exercise for you to» many of them stated.

And thats true!!

We have had many exercises this summer

to get ready for the world championship bicycle raise

But of course this was much more realistic

Many things could have been better

of course we had a debrief after – to talk about what we had to change or do better

But still I am impressed

Impressed of my colleagues

the system

our healthcare system

Well done hospital!!

We dont know what this was – but there are speculations about teargas or something similar

If somebody did this for fun – I hope its kids who doesn’t know better …who doesnt realize what they put other people trough


In these times of terror

If its adults who did this……..well thats just sad…


hjerte i hender

❤ ❤ ❤


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