The dream is still alive!!!

todays post in English

My book at the top shelf


Among the best sellers

Fantastic reviews

Readers loving the characters

The captivating stories

Makes them cry


smile or get angry

The dream still lives in me

This is my goal

utsikt fra skriveplassen

Sometimes I really believe I will succeed

Other times,….not so much

I haven’t been writing much lately

Haven prioritised it

Hundreds of excuses;

new job…

a lot to learn there

The office at home was occupied by my mother…( but she moved out 2 months ago…)

I `ve been spending a lot of time at the golf course ( but there hasn’t been much of that in this weather either)

I have to exercise ( but haven’t done so well in that department either if I am being honest..)

So no I have to pull my self together and start writing again…

I don’t think I can blog as often as before, but I will write every week..

I have written a lot on my book already and the goal is to finish it in 6 months from now ( my previous goal was during 2017…)

I urge you all to ask me about my progress…

How I am doing?

How the novel is coming along…

Who knows – maybe I can call myself a real writer in 2018???….20171019_171731


❤ ❤ ❤

And remember; if it rains there is always a good book!



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