I am being opposed!!!

Todays post in English

We usually act like team players

We get things done

We are efficient

We are successful

bergen by night

I set my self goals

and in the beginning we both work towards that goal:

I am going to exercise every day and eat healthy!

In the beginning there are no problems…

I am determined

Have faith

I am stubborn and have stamina

push up 1

Than suddenly something happens

a shift

a change

I am being opposed

Like somebody is putting sticks in my wheels….

makes bumps in my road….

» You deserve to relax»

«Of course you can eat a chocolate, you have been so good for several days now»

«one day of self indulgents is quite ok!»

Who is it that, that boycotts me?

Who`s intensions is it to see me fail?


It is the same with project; NOVEL

For periodes of time I am convinced that I will succeed

Be published

Get my book into the bookstores

On the bestsellers list!!!!


But suddenly the doubt has been planted

«Are you really good enough?»

«There are certainly a lot of people that writes MUCH better than you do»

«There are many that tries to get published»

«Why should you be the lucky one?»

How is it possible to change perception of me that quickly??

What have I done to deserve such a lousy friend?

Who at the first steep hill tries to convince me to give up????


I think its pretty lousy

And sometimes I wish to get ritt of this friend

But I know that when we work together

When we both have faith

There is no one who supports me more…

No one who pushes me as hard

No one who believes more in me


I just have to get even better at ignoring the negative wibes

Shut my ears to the doubt

Not believe all the negative that is being said

I really dont have any other options……

The voice in my head will always be there! 🙂

I WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL WEEK that is right around the corner

❤ ❤ ❤

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