Will I loose myself in this?

Todays post in English

From 2 houses til just 1

From my large house to his smaller appartment

Which is also being majorly reconstructed and the storage place will be even smaller than today

We want to prioritize kitchen and living room

More space to socialize with each other, family and friends

But what about all our stuff???

There is not going to be enough room for it…

We have to change our thinking….

Think new..

«That rock, that I found during the hiking trip we went on when the children were small, and the weather was fantastic, were we went swimming in the cold river, barbecued our dinner over an open fire, and slept in a tent» Is it really the rock that holds all those memories? Will we loose them if that rock doesn’t stay on top of the fire Place?

«Or the white tea set, that my grandmother, who I loved dearly, always used, that honestly has to big cups for me that don’t drink tea» Is it really those cups that holds all my memories of that incredible woman? Will I loose all memories of all the good times I spent with her, if the tea set isn`t stored on the top shelf in my kitchen?20180215_145245.jpg

«Or the Christmas decorations that came out every Christmas when I was a child, but now always stays in the box when I do my Christmas decoration because it is to ugly to put up.» Do I really need to keep a hole box of them just to remember my childhood Christmases?

«Not to talk about the wedding dress I used when marrying my children’s father. Keeping in mind that I have been married and divorced once more after that….and I doubt it is modern enough that one of my girls would want to use it….

Will I loose a part of my self if I don’t hold on to these things?



The answer is DOWN SIZE

Get rid of all that is stored

Just keep what is in use

Will we succeed?

Will we loose our self in the process?

will we loose dear memories?

No, I don’t think so…

I think we will get more space

Less clutter

More time

a calmer life


It will not be painless

It will be turbulent

There will be some fighting

«after all it is much easier to get rid of the my boyfriends stuff than my own – and I am sure he feels the same way…»20171014_210255

BUT we are ready

We will make it

So just pay attention this spring

I will update

We will give away

have garage sales

sell on net

and donate

The tea set has already gotten a new home at my oldest sons house

We are excited

We dread some of it

But we are convinced that it all will end good!


Wish you all a brilliant week coming up!


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