We are renovating our new home!

Moving into a new home…

My boyfriends childhood home, were he has buildt a new floor on top (years before we met)

So now its a horizontal semi-detached house.

His sister living downstairs….

Lukcily we get along just great..

Are good friends..

meg og benedikte

If not this would have been interesting…

But to make this our home….we will renovate the hole apartment…wich is absolutely needed!

We tore down the kitchen…



Did it ourselves 😊

And sold it trough Internet..

Yes!….people do buy old kitchens…

And than we got a new kitchen😁

but we did not put that up ourselves





The problem is that the appliances are so fancy that we haven`t figured out how to work them yet…

The instruction manual is fortunately in French, so we dont have to read that….🤔

This morning I was going to make myself an omelet for breakfast….I did manage to get the stove on, but either maximum or minimum heat…

So I had to choose between a scorched omelet or a luke warm eggnog 🙄

The ventilator is in the countertop and will raise up when we push one button, but it isn`t connected to power yet so it stays exactly were it is…..the fumes from a scorched omelet therefor went out the porch door instead….and maybe some into my boyfriend sleeping, in our bedroom that is still missing a door…


But we are really happy with the result so far and are looking forward to everything is in place.

I am sure we will find a manual in Norwegian or English…..if not we will have to take a quick course in French 😁

On friday you`ll get to see how great an old bedroom turned out as part of our new living-room …….with a beautiful view!

Have a great start of a new week!


❤ ❤ ❤


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