It’s alive!!!

Yesterdays post in English


We did it!

Or we isnt accurate…it was my boyfriend who figured it out to be honest

My boyfriend playing with his new toy 😀

And without reading the instruction manual….

typical men..🙄😋

Didnt even bother to learn french…

There is this «magnet thing» that we «tap on» to choose wich part of the stove to use….

…..and than spinn it to turn the heat up or down…

What happened to regular switches??

Think  I’ll manage to….

If not…… the boyfriend has to get up earlier to make me breakfast…..


Maybe I wont manage after all…😜😁😁

But thats not all………

«Something» is coming up from our countertop as well…..




The kitchen fitter ……. obviously thought he had done an excellent job and wanted to show us how well it worked…..

So he held a piece of paper in front of it…..

It worked…..😒😒

…and the paper disapeared into the fan 🙄😮

Luckily a quite embarrassed …… managed to pick it back out…. 👍😀

So now both our kitchen and livingroom are almost done and the new project; our bedroom is being started.

But come friday and youll get to see our new livingroom with fantastic view in every window

Have a great last part of the week



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