Todays post in English

No, I didn’t wake up to someone screaming those words at me

Thank God!

It was the middle of the day and I was awake

Had just gotten home from the store

The house was burning

Flames licking up trough the roof

It had already spread to one neighbours house

Sirens could be heard far away, but getting closer

«The help on its way»

But not quickly enough

Flames doesn’t wait…..

They work fast and ruthlessly

Luckily not in my house…

brann langarinden

but in a row of 5 houses..

Just below our street

Thank God it was the middle of the day…

No one got trapped in the burning houses

But there were drama and panic

6 fire trucks at least



A man crawls on to the roof of his house, only in a t-shirt and shorts….

a garden hose in his hand…

a man on the roof on the left side of the fire

ducks under the smoke and tries to stop the fire from getting to his house..

He is ordered back down by the firemen

It is to dangerous

Not worth it

Other houses near by are being asked to water their houses and lawn

It has been dry for so long

People arriving on bikes

Dogs that are never walked this way – has been dragged along by their nosy owner

People standing on rocks

climbing fences


«what is it with people» ? I think to my self

Standing on my terrace with panorama view of the burning houses below me…

Staring like everybody else

Saying to my self that I have to be watching out for the fire not to spread to my house

Actually I don’t live close enough for that to happen…

If I am being honest…

Especially when the firemen has arrived with their big firehoses…

They are in control now

But I keep on watching

For a long time…

There is something about flames

attractive in a scary way

and of course rooting for the firefighters looking so awesome standing on the roof of the burning house


But 6 apartments are totally burned out!

Thinking of what that means for 6 families!

Everything they owned is gone!

«Stuff is just stuff and you get it back trough the insurance»

«The most important is that no one got hurt»

Of course!

BUT STILL….it must be permitted to be sad about what you’ve lost as well!

That favorite dress..

Maybe a christening robe that has been used for generations?

Jewelry from a dead grand mother?

drawing from the kids

the youngest favorite toy that she just cant sleep without

and not to mention a home

brann 2

When do they get that back?

Not for year at least

Living temporary for a long time….

My thoughts goes out to the families who lost their homes last weekend

Stuff is just stuff

But that’s easy to say when you still got all of yours….

I wish you all a good weekend

❤ ❤ ❤


 if not houses!

hjerte i hender


todays post in English


( Norwegian Emergency Medical Team)

We Wake up to a very cold, but beautiful morning

It is Friday the 2 of February  and it is 07.00 am 20180202_050231

This is the day we have been looking forward to

WHO is going to certify NOR EMT ( we hope…)

We work hard with the last preparations to get the clinic finished

And so it begins….

It all starts with an acute birth with a bleeding mom and a newborn that don`t breath…

We get children with asthma attacks, open leg fractures, great injuries, burns and simpler diseases…

During 6 hours of exercise we treat about 75 «patients» in our clinic..

The people that arrange the exercise really deserve credit, they did an amazing job..

There were «actors/patients» from the age of 6 months all the way to senior citizens

They acted so well and it was easy to play along with the exercise…

The makeup artist did an incredible job as well, it was not hard to believe the «injuries»..20180202_163418

And in all this…… EU – WHO and politicians shows up

But we don`t have time for that..

we have to treat the patients!!!

It is all very realistic and the visitors like our engagement meg og brannskaden

Suddenly 6 hours has past..

Have we eaten???

…maybe some chocolate…

Had something to drink?

At least not enough – cause no one has been to the toilet for the past 6 hours…

We learn from this to, have to take care of our self – take care of each other…

We clean up

and eat dinner



                                      dinner in a bag is just fine 😉

and we meet up for debrief….



the newspaper has written about the team

Something happens to you when you participate in something like this

You get so close to other people

meet people that has the same engagement as your self

The wish to go out in the world and help people in need, is strong  for everybody in the group

We are all excited and ready after a 4 days exercise

Only want to go home and take a shower and then we will be ready to go anywhere in the world


( «a quick wash» at Akershus fortresses public toilet isn’t exactly the same…)

we will have toilet and showers in the tents when we deploy

 Exhausted and inspired I land at Flesland airport late Saturday evening, with tons of experiences and many new friends

Have a wonderful weekend everybody20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤




Heeeeelp ……I am moving!!!

Yesterday post i English

I have lived here for 13 years….

Since my divorce

It was very hard to move out of my childrens childhood home…

Their father stayed there so of course the children felt more at home there…

For å Long time it was like they were guests in my house…

Even though they stayed there every other week…

But it was like that for me to…

The house didnt feel like my house..

It was someone elses and I was just borrowing it

But during the years I have done a lot of renovation both inside the house and the outside area

Gotten to know some great neighbours wich I have had a lot of fun with

And they have helped me so much with my motorcycle and everything else…

So slowly this has become my new home

Some of my kids has also chosen to live full time here for longer periodes..

Everything worked out in the end 😊


It is sad, scary and not an easy choice to make…

But my boyfriends house is his childhood home…

It has also a perfect location

The perfect size for the two of us..

And it is the area were our closest friends live.

And the view is magnificent!!


So the decision is made…..but it is with a heavy heart I am doing it…

My plan is to sell the house during this spring….

So if you know someone who wants a good place to live….

This is a fantastic place…

Just look at this view;


It is  going to be a busy spring, with both selling my house and full renovation of the house we are moving in to…

But I am really looking forward to that!!!

I love  busy days with lots of physical labour!! That’s when I feel alive😊

Updates on sale, moving and renovation will come during the spring….

I wish you all a wonderful week coming up

                                 ❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

Thank you so much for my 2 eyes

With them I can see the natures beautiful colors, great mountains and sunset that takes my breath away..



With them I have been able to admire my wonderful children grow up:

Sometimes I let them rest at my good looking boyfriend:


Other times they are glowing with love when our eyes meet


With them I can execute my work with precision and awareness;


With them I can follow my golfball when I hit it far away…

and I do hit it far….😁😁🏌🏌


With them I have read tonns of books and used them critically on my own writings..

With them I can detect danger…


….show my friends that I care

…..see others pain and express compassion and empathy

…..see wrongs and unjustice

død på stranden

With them I can express anger, love and happiness

With them I can see the good in people:

per fugelli

With them I can cry both in sorrow and in joy

And when I am tired and close them….they let me rest


What has happened these last years???

Why do they refuse to read small letters?

Why does everything get blury up close???

I guess I have to except that my eyes also gets tired….

…tired from everything that I have seen and read..

So I guess I have to let them rest a bit…

Luckily I look pretty good in the aids provided 😁😁😁


Thank you so much for my eyes and all the beauty they have – and will see!!!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week

…..and keep your eyes open for those beautiful everyday moments





Todays post in English

The day started early

Went running with my sweet daughter…

who also has sign up for the Bergen City half marathon 🙂

We ran 11 km of the course, the hardest part with all the steepest slopes..

and we felt very proud afterwards…


No matter what you do, it is who you are doing it with that really matters….

Quality time with «Limpan» makes me very happy ❤

meg og sanne

I gave her the nickname Limpan after a weekend trip to Stockholm were I learned that it meant white bread in Sweden. As a child she would never eat bread with»lumps» in them. 😉

I was so full of energy after this perfect morning with my daughter that I continued to run to my car ( I had planned to take the bus) I felt super-good!

And than it was straight to the beach for my weekly swim – never a Sunday without 🙂 🙂 🙂


And now I have had a nice shower, eaten dinner and there is fire in the fireplace….

My boyfriend is waiting on the couch….so now it is time for our quality time


A perfect Sunday!!!



Get some quality time in there!!

❤ ❤ ❤

What do I really feel??

Todays post in English

When life suddenly offers big changes

When I am being challenged

When my limits are being pushed…


20171014_210405What do I really feel?

What do you feel???

Am I scared?

Or am I just excited?

Maybe I am in love??



It`s funny, but the reactions in our body is quite the same in these situations…

Why are some, so much braver than others?

Why do some avoid challenges, while others run to them?

What do I do?

Well…..something in the middel I guess…

I like to speed on my Kawasaki

I love roller coasters!!


I am more than likely to stand up in a big crowd and say something just impulsively…

BUT, I am not totally calm inside when it happens…

Of course I am nervous and sometime scared….

BUT, that will not kill me!!!

A pounding heart, flushed cheeks, sweaty armpits – that sends out tonns of pheromones  (= a chemical substance with scent) and large pupils. These are reactions that occurs when adrenalin is being released in our body . 

I like the rush my body gets in these situations

To feel that insecurity

Take control over those feelings – instead of letting them control me…

It feels like a victory

A fight that I have won…

I urge you to think about that the next time something frightens you – maybe you`re not REALLY afraid? Maybe you are just excited?

Embrace that feeling as you do when you are in love – the truth is that the reaction in your body is quite similar in both situations…

You should not take unnecessary chances of course, nor put yourself in real danger…But maybe that change in your life is`nt that scary after all?

Maybe you should find another job if you`re not satisfied where you are…

Maybe you should get yourself out of that relationship that makes you miserable…

Maybe you should take the trip that you have dreamt of for so long..




❤ ❤ ❤




Todays post in English

The alarm wakes me at 04.00 am

The taxi arrives at 04.45 am

At the airport this nice greeting from a Starbucks employee makes me smile for the first time this morning. ( even though my name is spelled wrong) 🙂20180131_063441

The plane departure at 06.10 am

From rainy Bergen


«Good morning winter Oslo»


Time for the certification of our NOR EMT (= Norwegian Emergency Medical team)

We meet up precisely 08.00 am at Thon airport hotel for extradition of our personal equipment- hereby referred to as; PE. ( from now on its only military jargons that applies) 🙂

And than we were off to our camp location:


All day, evening and some of the night we spent building the camp:20180201_073926

Totally exhausted we crawl into our sleeping bags at 01.30 am

I am so grateful that I don’t have guard duty this night ( I have been awake for nearly 22 hours by this time)20180201_082639

But my guard duty comes soon enough – the next night from 04.00 – 05.00 am

Even though I am very tired I actually enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the fact that I actually know how to handle the «heater» for the tents and the power units. Witch I learned day 2.

At this time feel pretty good about my self 🙂

Time is of the essence and the next morning we realize that we have to hurry…

The big exercise starts at 11.30 am day 3

representatives from WHO and EU is coming

We are going to be certified to travel anywhere in the world were there is a catastrophe, to help people in need, with our transportable hospital/clinic . ( our worst case scenario not get certified…)

The tents are up, but the clinic inside the tents are far from ready…

And we work very hard for many hours to get it ready…





Read my next blog post on Saturday and I will tell you all about the exercise and the result.

Have a wonderful week everybody!!20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤



IT`S ON !!!!!

English version of todays post

This is what 2018 will be for me;

The year I run half marathon in under two hours

maraton Last time I ran at 2,03

The year I complete the Bergen mountain marathon

hoppende gladNever tried it before

The year I finish my second novel

utsikt fra skriveplassenFinished my first in 2009, but never got published – but I wont give up!

The year we move into my boyfriends house

eidsvågDoes not feel wrong to drink wine with my boyfriend to this view 🙂

The year I drop under 30 in handicap

20170808_163046went from 54 to 31 last year…

The year I exercise even more than last year

hang up 2

did good most of last year, bur finished horribly

Yep, it is going to be yet another ice swimming year!


I went for a swim every week in the ice-bade season; August to May – not the summer months, those are for wimps 🙂

2018 is the year that I am going to :

eat healthier, have more fun, love more, spend more time with my familie and kids, dance more, laugh more, sing more, travel, enjoy nature, enjoy my boyfriend, enjoy life, celebrate a big day!! 50!!! (yes I am hiding it in here so only the most lojal readers can read it 🙂 spend more time with friends, ski, play golf, go for walks, maybe hunt? climb new mountains, challenge my self more, contribute to a good work environment, not start to smoke, drink wine ( but not to much) be honest, be nice, be myself….

Is this New Years resolutions?

No this is plans! Plans that gives me something to strive fore, that gives me goals and makes it easier to organize my life.

Do I achieve all my goals?

NOPE…..but I do my very best….

And I never expect more from my self!!!

meg 1930

I wish you all a wonderful week

remember; weekend is not far away!!

❤ ❤ ❤


A trip from hel…….

This weeks post in English, sorry for my not so perfect English 🙂

I was going to visit a friend up north one summer

To her hometown, the city of Bodø

I was going alone, with my four kids, who at that time was at the age of 2-4-7-and 9 .

No problem, I thought….:)



After all, my husband would take me to the airport and my friend would pick me up in Bodø

It would only be the transfer in Oslo I would have to manage on my own…


When we arrived in Oslo I got super stressed. I thought our landing time in my schedule was the time to board our next flight

We had landed 10 minutes early…

I ran with one  child on my arm, the other one holding my hand as I was dragging her along – while my eldest boy was told to take his little brothers hand and follow me…QUICKLY!!

Hysterically I ran through the corridors

The children cried and I yelled

When we got to our gate, there were no people there and no plane outside…

I ran hysterically over to the next gate and explained that I had missed my flight..

«What am I going to do????» I almost cried…

The friendly airport worker looked at my ticket and told me that my plane would be boarding in 45 minutes….


When we finally were boarding the plane, the airline where trying out a new system were we could pick our own seats!!!!!! 😦

…..Well……. that doesn’t work well for a mom with four children – when the eldest boys run in, pushing themselves past people and pick two seats way in the back without holding some for their mom and 2 younger sisters…

We sat with 9 rows between us!!!

When we finally took off, I sank into the seat and looked forward to arriving in Bodø and getting some help from my friend…

For a little while I relaxed, but suddenly a woman came to my seat:

«I think you have to come back here, your son is airplane sick and is throwing up all over the place»!!

I ran back and forth between one kid who were really sick and to little girls who didn’t, AT ALL want to sit by themselves alone in the front..

«MOM»  were yelled between the 10th and 19th row for a long time!!

You think anyone offered to trade places with me?


Things settled down after a while and NOW I was really looking forward to land in Bodø!!!

«This is the captain speaking. Unfortunately there is to much fog in Bodø airport so we have to fly to Værnes instead, and maybe we can fly back in a while»

I wanted to cry…. Værnes where the heck is that????

At Værnes we waited for a long while inside the airplane, but eventually we were told that we had to go by bus back to Bodø….

«How far is that ?» I asked someone on the plane.

«10 hours» She replied

NOW, I was fighting the tears for real!

But I pulled myself together and grabbed the first flight attendant I saw;

«All 5 of us gets car sick, so you better find some medication for that, or this bus-trip will be a nightmare for all!!!»

He took off and were soon back with plenty of tablets and water for us.

And then the journey began.


2 busses in a convoy heading for Bodø.

The ferry that we had to take had been transporting a large circus all day, so the cars in line had been waiting for hours already…

When our flight got cancelled, the ferry was held back for additionally 30-40 minutes, to wait for the 2 busses.

It would be an understatement to say that the people waiting there was unhappy..

And they took it out on us…

No seats were available and no one gave their seats to an exhausted mother with 4  children…..

we were supposed to get free food, but the ferry was emptied out..

Back in the bus there were some woman that helped me with two of  my children and the trip towards Bodø continued.

When we were getting close, I borrowed a cell phone and I called my friend at her house to make a plan for her to pick us up.

«We will drive both to the airport and the bus station» the buss driver told me.

So we planned for her to pick me up at the bus station which suited my friend best.

We first arrived at the airport and the bus driver from the bus in front came back and said;

«We have to hurry back, so that we can catch the last ferry back home«

This was a time when not everybody had a cell phone. Neither my friend or I did, so now I couldn’t reach her,  were she was waiting at the bus station.

The last thing the bus driver did was to call for a taxi, before he left me and my four small kids out in the cold night at 01.00……

The taxi came, but it was a regular taxi – with seats for 4 people – we were 5!!!!!…..

So he had to call for another one – and a maxi taxi finally arrived minutes later…..

«The airline is paying for this» I told him. ( The buss driver had promised me that)

«Do you have a requisition?» he asked and I lost it!!!!!


With tears in my voice I screamed:

«Don’t ask me for anything right now!!! I have travelled for 12 hours with my 4 kids and I am about to loose my mind!!!!»

He threw his hands in the air and said:

«Take it easy madam – take it easy«

He than went into the airport and soon came back with the requisition.

«They tried to say no» he told me when I had calmed down.

» But I told them, that the totally exhausted mother of 4, sitting out in my car – was NOT one that they should fuck with!!!»



At 03.00 I was sitting in my friends kitchen with a glass of wine.

Totally exhausted, happy to finally be there, and swearing that I would NEVER take a trip alone with my 4 kids EVER again…



Its funny……now that my 4 kids are all grown up….. I would give a lot to be able to take that same trip again… 🙂

I wish you all a great weekend – enjoy the moments – before you know it, they`ve passed….

❤ ❤ ❤



The English version of yesterdays post

I often tell my self that….

When I am in pain..

or upset…

when life dosent go my way

It helps!!

like a strict teacher that tells me to pull my self together…

Or like a hysteric person needing a slap in the face to calm down

Needs to wake up

to restart


This is something I have told my kids many times as well

 «Can not»

«dont dare»

«will fail»

Its all in you head!

You just have to decide that:

«I can do this!»

«I will succeed»

«Of course I can!!»

«No mountain high enough!»


When my daughter was little and hurt her self while playing, she always would get so mad at me afterwards;

«You always say; it will be fine! – It is ok» But it isn`t!! It hurts!!»

And of course she was right, it did hurt! But she was fine as well!

What was I supposed to do?

Get hysterical because of some blood on my daughters knee?

I am sure that would upset her more….

And if they kept it going for a long while, I was not the most  patient one.

I did not use the phrase «Suck it up» – but that is what I was thinking….

Instead I would say something as:

Come on, its over now. Put on a smile and some sneakers and run along…»


I am convinced that we should not spoil and pamper our children, the rest of the world wont follow up on that.. and that might come as a bit of a shock to them…..

Here are some other truths that we should prepare our children for;


Thats just how it is

Some will get more money for graduation than you!

You will think that some are prettier than you – some are smarter – some more popular.

And some win the big Lottery….

But you my sweet child are on the winning side!

Instead of looking at everyone that has more than you – turn to the world and see all of them that have so much less….

død på stranden

Life is unfair and YOU are the winner of the big lottery!!


Maybe your parents think you are just adorable even when you are at your most charmless behavior.

BUT sweetie, the rest of us doesn’t!!

Many parents do their children a great disservice by always letting them have their way and never give any consequences for bad behavior.

They «love» their children so much that they just can not bear to deny them anything, nor give them sensible boundaries…

BUT what does a love like that do FOR the child??

Well they often turn out to be charmless «monsters» that nobody likes….AND that is something the child pick up on…



«Everything is gonna be alright» sings av well known artist..

That is just not true!

We have to teach our children that not everything in life turns out the way we planned…

We have to prepare them for disappointments….

We are so engage in solving all our children`s problems, and that makes them incompetent in solving their own.

They are so use to running to mom or dad with every little issue….

«Thought helplessness» was a concept I heard about in nursing school. The danger of being to helpful while helping senior citizens or handicapped people with task they actually would manage themselves if we only gave them enough time…

We are in danger of doing the same to our children….

It isn`t love to rob our children of the capability to solve their own problems


Many children gets everything so easy these days

They dont have to wait for Christmas or their birthday to get the toy they wish for….

Saturday candy has turned into Tuesday chocolate and Wednesday treat…

I remember the joy of saving up for something, maybe for a long time and then finally going to the store to buy it.

For my own money!!

Or wish for something for Christmas and not knowing if you would get it or not , the excitement and joy when opening the gift – or the disappointment when you were told it was to expensive this year….

Even better when you finally got it!



Or buying my first car, a wreck – BUT MY OWN!!!

Bought for my money…..THAT feeling is never achieved if you get everything you wish for all the time

When you dont work for it, the joy is short term…

Like an orgasm…..we dont want to miss out on what happens before do we??




Most of us do everything with the best intentions

often based on how out own upbringing was…

We either copy our parents – or we want to do everything different and better…

Either way – we are not perfect!

I always told my children;

YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT – as long as you want it bad enough…

I wanted to give them faith in them selves

Support them whatever they did in life…


I now see that there can be a lot of pressure in that statement as well

What if you dont succeed with what you want?

Is that because you didnt want it bad enough??

Or what if you dont know what you want to do?


It is not easy being a parent

it is not easy bringing up children

But doing our very best – has to be a good thing right?

One thing is for sure, there is nothing I am more proud of than my 4 children.

And despite my flaws and mistakes as a mother – I know they love me to ❤



❤ ❤ ❤