What on earth was I thinking??

Todays post in English

No matter which window Look out of


I see the sea


but not just the sea

I see life at sea




Noisy water scooters

Beautiful sailboats


a heron flying by from time to time..

…with its awkward elegancy

seagulls screaming out loud

Terns plunging down looking like acrobatic planes

and oystercatchers strolling around on their little ledge..



I see Storøya = «Big Island»


where the goats, who now live at Fløyen ( our mountain in the city with a cable car going up), use to live…

Now some sheep has moved there instead…

Somebody has to eat the grass to keep it from overgrowing….

but the goats overdid it a bit….they also ate peoples lunches when they came visiting…

geit på holmen

I miss the goats I have to admit…

Not because I enjoyed them being so annoyingly intrusive when we tried to relax in the sun…

but because I remember my mother in law said she loved to see them climbing around on the Island and hear them from her kitchen window..


Actually it is my mother in law I am missing… ❤

svigermor og meg

❤ ❤ ❤

I see mountains I have climbed many times

and that I now can get to, walking from my own house..


I see the sun dive into the sea….or at least down back the mountains in the horisont



Even in my display cabinet the sun and the sea reflects


Yes I know I am braging

and constantly talk about my new home and magnificent view…

but I cant help it…

I am acting like a love-struck teenager…

but that is exactly how I feel…

Now I cant believe that I wanted us to live in my house?

and sell his..

What on earth was I thinking?

To be fair, it didnt look this before the renovation…

But how could I not see the potential?

Whatever….I am just glad I came to my senses…

This is our home now

This is were we are going to live

and I am looking forward to the rest of my life..


with the worlds best view and boyfriend…

❤ ❤ ❤



❤ ❤ ❤

1-2-3- new bedroom!!

The latest post in English

After sleeping here for a couple of weeks

we were super ready to get us a new bedroom….

no door and a lot of stuff  in every available space

We had planned to paint the bedroom our self


the painter had done such a good job on our living room .

and he was not expensive either

….and very quick….

Also there was a lot of «green hands» on the walls that probably would demand several coats of paint….


And we had planned to paint everything…

roof – walls and floor..


It didnt take much to persuade our self to ask the painter to do this as well

And in just a couple of days, the room was ready to move into 🙂

It is a bit smaller than the one we had in my house….

but the hole idea is to down size, so thats just fine 🙂


We chose to have one wall in black just to get some contrast to the white roof, walls and floor



Even though it isn`t a very big room, we get around the bed just fine and there is enough room to put clothes in and out of the wardrobes


Having clothes and shoes for two people we do need some wardrobe space – and that makes the room a bit more crowded, but I think it worked out just fine


From our bedroom we see the gravel road that leads up to the main road. We will put up a new fence there, the old one was totally rotten


Hope you liked it – but most importantly we do!  🙂

With my back hurting and not working these days, there isn`t much I can do….

But keeping track of the workers building the new terrace is something I can manage!

And that is needed – as I wanted it done the day before they started 🙂

Have a great Sunday everybody!


❤ ❤ ❤


Heeeeelp ……I am moving!!!

Yesterday post i English

I have lived here for 13 years….

Since my divorce

It was very hard to move out of my childrens childhood home…

Their father stayed there so of course the children felt more at home there…

For å Long time it was like they were guests in my house…

Even though they stayed there every other week…

But it was like that for me to…

The house didnt feel like my house..

It was someone elses and I was just borrowing it

But during the years I have done a lot of renovation both inside the house and the outside area

Gotten to know some great neighbours wich I have had a lot of fun with

And they have helped me so much with my motorcycle and everything else…

So slowly this has become my new home

Some of my kids has also chosen to live full time here for longer periodes..

Everything worked out in the end 😊


It is sad, scary and not an easy choice to make…

But my boyfriends house is his childhood home…

It has also a perfect location

The perfect size for the two of us..

And it is the area were our closest friends live.

And the view is magnificent!!


So the decision is made…..but it is with a heavy heart I am doing it…

My plan is to sell the house during this spring….

So if you know someone who wants a good place to live….

This is a fantastic place…

Just look at this view;


It is  going to be a busy spring, with both selling my house and full renovation of the house we are moving in to…

But I am really looking forward to that!!!

I love  busy days with lots of physical labour!! That’s when I feel alive😊

Updates on sale, moving and renovation will come during the spring….

I wish you all a wonderful week coming up

                                 ❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

When I first moved into my house, there was a little lawn in front of the house….

Totally useless!!

Especially in Bergen where lawn has a tendency to be constantly wet…

I am not fond of lawn mowing or a lawn full of snails for that matter…

So it was quickly decided that it had to go.

 We wanted paving stones instead

Looks pretty nice doesn’t it?



At the other side of the house there was a steep uncultivated slope…

Totally useless as well…


langarinden                              My house from the backside, it was red with green sills when we bought it

So we dug up the hole lawn on the front side and threw it over the fence and down the slope at the back side.

We thought we did something  a bit illegal…

so we did it in the evening after dark…

It turned out that the steep slope was also mine..

a part of the property…

And when I own something, of course I have to do something with it…

Especially when it is totally useless as it is…

So another project entered my mind ( but didn’t become a reality before some years later)

My plan was to build a parking lot, with stairs going up to the house and a little garden.

And with my self-confidence of course I started the work my self. I had to dig up all the masses that we had thrown over the fence as well as much more that was already there. And I dug and dug, shovel after shovel – walked over the road and threw it into another steep slope….hagearbeid

After some days of hard work, with little visible effect,  I realized that this would be to much work….even for me…. 🙂 and that I also couldn’t throw tons of masses down into the woods…

I ended up hiring some workers, an excavator and someone to remove the masses…. and later on, someone to build us a brick wall to keep the masse that would remain in place..

Finally it was my turn;

I built up the garden with logs, as the Spanish did, in steep slope if you have seen them? They admittedly used stones, but still the principles is the same..

I thought it worked out pretty nice!20170720_065722

So now we had a parking lot, a garden, but to walk around the house was a pretty long walk…. so of course we had to build a staircase as well…

We had never done that before, so we got a little stuck…. I examined the possibility of getting some professionals to do it, but it was quite expensive….. and we did want to manage our self…

So with a little input from some friends we went ahead.

I started to dig and prepare the ground were the staircase would be – I had a week off while my boyfriend was working…20170628_135539

When the actual building of the stairs started, I had been out clubbing with my brother the night before and ended up being a hangover-observer while my boyfriend was working….20170701_153753

He did such a good job and the stairs were getting closer hour by hour..20170704_201122

The next day we were suppose to work on this, I had plans to go to a wine club with my friends… I was all dressed up and ready to go soon…

So then I was a wine drinking observer while my boyfriend was working…


I realize that this was turning out to be quite unevenly distributed labour and if I was going to get any cred for this staircase I had to wake up!

So we finished the last stairs and got the railing up together.

It might not be a perfect staircase – maybe not the coolest one you have seen either….

But it works and we are quite proud of it our self!!



❤ ❤ ❤


todays post in English

My own fault of course!!
Know what I should and should`nt do….
Know that no matter how busy I am – I HAVE to work out regularly
But have I???


Have been porsponing  time and time again
Heavy lifting all the time

……………..and BAAAAM!

As it has happened before…
So today I am sharing a blog that i shared before
When I was in the same shape as now….
and the despair is as big now  – as than

Usually we are best friends

We do everything together



Work out every morning



kajakk i solnedgang


play golf

ice bathing



heavy lifts

loves hard physical labour

climbes mountain tops


we have so much fun together

experiences so much

exploring the world

jumping i zanzibar

challenges us self

loving life

and loving each other



but sometimes you fail me

refuses to come along

tries to stop me

bokottes my plans

Whispers; «you are to old»

You down right vicious


and difficult…




Can you please pull your self toghether?

I am reaching out to you now!

swallowing my pride and taking the first step

Whispering a quiet; «can we be friends again?»

«I am sorry if I treated you badly»

«I wont do it again»

«at least not on purpose»

Remember all the fun we have when we dont fight!

What do you say?

I`ll stop being pissed

if you stop aching


på hender på zanzibar



❤ ❤ ❤