Todays post in English

The alarm wakes me at 04.00 am

The taxi arrives at 04.45 am

At the airport this nice greeting from a Starbucks employee makes me smile for the first time this morning. ( even though my name is spelled wrong) 🙂20180131_063441

The plane departure at 06.10 am

From rainy Bergen


«Good morning winter Oslo»


Time for the certification of our NOR EMT (= Norwegian Emergency Medical team)

We meet up precisely 08.00 am at Thon airport hotel for extradition of our personal equipment- hereby referred to as; PE. ( from now on its only military jargons that applies) 🙂

And than we were off to our camp location:


All day, evening and some of the night we spent building the camp:20180201_073926

Totally exhausted we crawl into our sleeping bags at 01.30 am

I am so grateful that I don’t have guard duty this night ( I have been awake for nearly 22 hours by this time)20180201_082639

But my guard duty comes soon enough – the next night from 04.00 – 05.00 am

Even though I am very tired I actually enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the fact that I actually know how to handle the «heater» for the tents and the power units. Witch I learned day 2.

At this time feel pretty good about my self 🙂

Time is of the essence and the next morning we realize that we have to hurry…

The big exercise starts at 11.30 am day 3

representatives from WHO and EU is coming

We are going to be certified to travel anywhere in the world were there is a catastrophe, to help people in need, with our transportable hospital/clinic . ( our worst case scenario not get certified…)

The tents are up, but the clinic inside the tents are far from ready…

And we work very hard for many hours to get it ready…





Read my next blog post on Saturday and I will tell you all about the exercise and the result.

Have a wonderful week everybody!!20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤



IT`S ON !!!!!

English version of todays post

This is what 2018 will be for me;

The year I run half marathon in under two hours

maraton Last time I ran at 2,03

The year I complete the Bergen mountain marathon

hoppende gladNever tried it before

The year I finish my second novel

utsikt fra skriveplassenFinished my first in 2009, but never got published – but I wont give up!

The year we move into my boyfriends house

eidsvågDoes not feel wrong to drink wine with my boyfriend to this view 🙂

The year I drop under 30 in handicap

20170808_163046went from 54 to 31 last year…

The year I exercise even more than last year

hang up 2

did good most of last year, bur finished horribly

Yep, it is going to be yet another ice swimming year!


I went for a swim every week in the ice-bade season; August to May – not the summer months, those are for wimps 🙂

2018 is the year that I am going to :

eat healthier, have more fun, love more, spend more time with my familie and kids, dance more, laugh more, sing more, travel, enjoy nature, enjoy my boyfriend, enjoy life, celebrate a big day!! 50!!! (yes I am hiding it in here so only the most lojal readers can read it 🙂 spend more time with friends, ski, play golf, go for walks, maybe hunt? climb new mountains, challenge my self more, contribute to a good work environment, not start to smoke, drink wine ( but not to much) be honest, be nice, be myself….

Is this New Years resolutions?

No this is plans! Plans that gives me something to strive fore, that gives me goals and makes it easier to organize my life.

Do I achieve all my goals?

NOPE…..but I do my very best….

And I never expect more from my self!!!

meg 1930

I wish you all a wonderful week

remember; weekend is not far away!!

❤ ❤ ❤



Yesterdays post in English – forgive if its not perfect! 🙂

Happy New Year everybody!!

There has been some very busy days, vacation, som heavy courses, Christmas  and  celebration of the new year – but now I am back with my blog!

I promise more frequent posts in 2018! And here is my first in 2018:

meg 1930


Little did Monday know that it would get such a bad reputation…

Nobody likes Monday…

No one looks forward to that day?

«on monday I will start my diet»

«I will stop smoking on monday»

«Monday its back at work»

«On monday I will start exercise again»


Saturday on the contrary!!

Saturday has lazy mornings and late nights

Saturday is partying

Saturday has candy

Saturday is being with friends..



Still early int the week so no favorite….but at least it is not monday

Tuesday is insignificant and goes by without any commotion..

But for me it is the day for hiking with my good friends – so a good day anyway!!


Wednesday is called little-Saturday and just that gives it a better sound…

A little reminder of the favorite day coming up pretty soon.


Thursday for me is Choir day

Thats when I meet up to sing with the: benedictinerne



Of course a favorite day for me… that was where I met the love of my life ❤


Thursday gives a hint of weekend feeling

Not long now!!


Friday oh Friday…

Exhausted after a busy week Friday arrives like a good friend

A glas of wine or more..



the night of the Tacos 🙂

But when I was a child it was;

Fried chicken and french fries and detective series on TV;

Derrick, helgenen, Bergerac, and more…



Yes I know it has already been mentioned, but Saturday deserves to be mentioned again….




The time to rest

Not supposed to do anything

But often the day we get to do most

Cleaning up after a party?

Hiking with the dogs and good friends



For me its mostly time to go swim

No matter temperature or weather

Refreshing and a good time with good friends!

This is how we have put days into weeks

weeks into months

and months into years.

Most of us dont like Mondays

But it is just a day like every other day

The sun goes up and the day begins

It moves over the sky from east to west

and then it sets and it is dark again

The next day the same happens again

Again and again…

The day does not know wether its a monday or a Sunday!

It does not know wether its 2017 or 2018…

It is just another day..

So toughen up!

Challenge your self:

Start your diet on a Thursday

drink a glas of wine on monday

exercise on a Sunday or lay on the coach and do nothing on Wednesday

Or make every day a feast!!

Life is here and now!!!

Give every day a meaning!!




❤ ❤ ❤






Todays post in English



My favourite mountain to climb

I do it many many many times a year

Can se the mountaintop from my house

Can see my house from the mountaintop


It takes about 1 hour( but than I am quite breathless and sweaty)

Its a good exercise

But not always so available to me

even if I want to…

sometimes it is impossible

It demands reconnaissance…

standing in my living room window, with my binoculars

It seemed safe today

so I took a chance

looked forward to a nice exercise….

was anxious


 on the way up……..

I got some indications that they might be there anyway…20171019_175158

my pulse rate increased a bit

but that was the only indication I got

I didn’t see them

so I was still pretty calm….

We got to the top



Wonderful colours of fall

wrote our names in the book

took some pictures

enjoyed the beautiful afternoon



the best companions ever ❤

and than we ran as fast as we could back down

felt the blood rush trough my veins

the heart pounding in my chest

my lungs functioning just perfect






if you look closely you can tell that they don’t have any udders….so this is young bulls!!





Of course I didn’t walk down that road!!!!!

I’m not crazy!!

First I thought about spending the night in the mountain…

but rejected the idea quickly 🙂

I thought about going down the other side of the mountain…..but had no money for the bus home…and had to be at choir practice later that night..

And I was starting to get hungry..

Instead I went into the dense forest on the right side20171019_174630

I could barely get the dogs to come with me…

apparently they were more scared of the woods than the big animals

But I forced them to come….

and after climbing fences

fighting trough shrubs

jumping streams

we got back out on the road much further down…


I got a childish desire to yell:

Na – na – na – na – na – na!!!


But wasn’t sure I was far enough away..

So I didn’t

I’m not going back up there for a while

Ill wait for snow

They have to be in the barn then – don’t they??



❤ ❤ ❤

Dead scared…..

Yesterdays post in english

The pulse is racing

sweaty palms

my heart is pounding like crazy in my chest

I feel nauseous…

Have to look out the window to calm down

and that’s when sitting safely on my coach…

What’s going on?

A TV program…

A reality show


They are climbing on the edge of a mountain!!!

extremely steep on both sides!!!

I am safely on my coach…

but still scared to death

Or my body symptoms indicates that I am….

Fear of heights

Also on behalf of others…

It’s strange how different we humans react to the same experiences…

Some of the participants in this season are scared to death at that mountain wall

….others are having the time of their lives..

Why do we react so differently?


My fears are heights and claustrophobia

But I love speed and excitement….

I ride the most fearsome roller coasters

The height isn’t a problem  when I am strapped to a seat and dont have to move myself.. 

Speeding with my motorbike

Always pushing limits when skiing downhill…

But put me on the edge of a mountain and I am a nervous wreck..


This is me at Bolten(Kjerag). On a hiking trip with colleagues. Couldn’t resist going out there when everybody else did…but I was scared to death….and only let go of my colleague Bård-Arnes hand for about 2 sec in order to take this picture…

Some studies show that a lot of people are more afraid of talking in front of a crowd than they are of dying…

I love to talk to large crowds, standing on å stage, getting all the attention…

But put me in an MRI machine and the panic isn’t far away…



Common sence got nothing to do with it….

Og course I know that the MRI can’t suffocate me….

I know I can get out…

I often give anestetic to children in order to get them to do MRI….thats part of my job…

I know how to operate the machine

Know how it works…

BUT it doesn’t help

This is all about feelings


They say its easy to cure…

Phobia that is…

I would like to get rid of my claustrophobia…..

So maybe I should see a shrink??

Get some cognitive therapy?

But my fear of heights????…..

Isn’t that just common sense?

As one of the participants in the reality show answered when they asked him what he was scared of:

«Vel, I am scared I am going to fall down and die!»

Sounds reasonable to me! 🙂






Todays post in english

Exactly what I needed

Something to look forward to

in the darkest period of the year

Only 64 days away

1536 hours

92 160 minutes

5 529 600 seconds


salobre golfresort

My boyfriend took charge

booked a 5 stars golf resort hotel

away from a cold Norway

to the sunny Canary Island

away from Christmas preparation and stress

1 week before Christmas



OMG we are so lucky!!!

To be able to buy ourselves these breaks from every day life…

to leave the stress behind for a while…

to regain surplus…

make rom for love..

enhance our golf skills


and enjoy:



69095260_y@2x… is the only thing you buy – that makes you richer…..

It is amazing how long a week like that can last…

It has already started…

Looking forward to it…

preparing for it…

talking about everything we`d like to do..

smiling and making plans…

feel the energy growing…

Its not so hard to get up on a early, cold October morning…

«we are soon off to the Canary Island»

Not as exhausting with busy workdays…

«vacation isn’t far away!»

Easy to motivate for a work out

«the bikini is coming back on pretty soon!!»


I am so looking forward to Christmas!!

….or at least to the week before Christmas…..

❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English20160809_055514[1]

Some mornings are more difficult than others…

Especially those when I wake up to the sound of poring rain against my window

Or a cold October morning with morning-frost and icy roads

….which means that I cant drive my motorcycle to work….

Which again means that I have to leave 40 minutes earlier from home…

That’s when I envy those who have fall-vacation….

Those who goes to school and starts later in the morning….

Envy the senior citizens who have all day to do what they like…

Envy of my boyfriend that can sleep for another 2 hours…

Autumn offers a bit more of these mornings than the rest of the year..

Its dark – wet and the summer is faaaaar away…

BUT – suddenly beautiful days appears


breaking up the grey….

so unexpected

so appreciated

it doesn’t take much…

and the energy is back!

I feel alive again

Just like this weekend

Cold and clear

Playing golf with my loved ones ❤20171008_120304

I played like shi….., but it didn’t matter that much… least that’s what I tried to tell my self… 🙂

Just to be outdoors for hours – enjoy the lovely autumn sun and be with those I love…. ❤


and than a refreshing dipp in the sea20171008_140135

Those days are like magic

I enjoy them so much

That’s when I fall in love with nature

cant get enough…..meg tegning trist

I cant help compare myself to nature…

I also offer rainy days….

I can also be grey and sad….

give less energy to others….

BUT I can also shine like the sun

spread happiness, be loving and good….

Be a super girlfriend,

friend and mother ❤

I hope I do better than the fall…..

That I offer more sunny days than the rainy ones!




❤ ❤ ❤

For some Burka is perfectly right!!

Mondays post in english


I am sure thats what you are thinking right now 🙂

Has she gone mad?

Does she really mean this?

meg tegning trist

Of course not….

Let me elaborate…

If you never heard any different…

If, from the day you were born, you were told that this is how it is supposed to be…

If those closest to you, taught you that this is the right thing to do

It wouldn’t be easy to think otherwise….

Especially if there would be strong sanctions if you tried…

It wouldn’t be easy to oppose

Especially if your family and everyone you know would turn their back on you if you did

If your life would be threatened

It wouldn’t be easy to refuse…

We who are born in Norway, cant even start to realize how much courage these woman has to show….

Most of us would not be brave enough to protest in a country were the government can throw you in jail without any explanation, were people are tortured and disappear every day…

But some do …

Iranian woman walks without the hijab in public in protest – goes viral (video)
«She starts with saying that her name is Bahar and she is from Iran. She then says that is totally against the compulsory veil. She speaks of how some people don’t consider it an important problem but she doesn’t not want to wear.
Bahar also says it is an insult to men as women are asked to hide their faces and not tempt them to do anything shameful.»


And they get support from some great men


iranske menn mot hijab

Strong woman have been protesting for us here in Norway as well…

Fighting for equal rights – equal pay – the right to vote – to have children or not – the right to love who we want

landskvinnestemmerettsforeningens mte på Lillehammer(meeting in the woman rights to vote union in Lillehammer somewhere between 1898-1913 tallet.)

But it wasn’t easy being a feminists at that time;

«it has been told that they were «boooed» and yelled at in the debates. The few woman that did speak;  Ragna Nielsen, Magrethe Vullum og Kitty Kielland – was ridiculed int the media as well. (Norwegian womans life and struggle.  By Bodil Chr. Erichsen)

Some were maybe beaten


Shut out of the community

But they weren’t stoned, whipped or killed…leila pisket i irak

It is hard to understand other`s religion and belief…

Jehovas witnesses for example, who would rather let their loved one die than give them a blood transfusion

How is that even possible?

But try to imagine that you KNEW that if someone were given blood – they would never go to heaven ( if you believe in heaven that is..)

Not have eternal life

If the choice you had to make, were either to loose the one you love right now – or never to get to spend the eternity with them…

I am sure we all would think twice then…

For some their belief is that strong – They KNOW that’s how it is…

Of course we can discuss how it is possible to believe something as crazy as that..??

…again; this is something they have been told since the day they were born

indoctrinated for years….

By the people that loves them

Who they love…

that believes this completely

They don’t want to hurt them – disappoint them – endanger them


But some break free…

Maybe because they have someone to support them…

Someone to talk to

Someone who doesn’t judge….

Or mock…


Hijab and Burka have heathen the discussions and made a lot of people angry both in Norway and in Europe….

Should it be permitted in public?

Should it be permitted to work with a headgear on, or should it be banned?

Nuns in Bergen

In 2011 a plane landed in Bergen with 7 very young nuns from Vietnam, they now live in Maria`s Minde monastery, in Bergen

The monastery was almost empty, very few nuns were left

They needed more nuns to keep it going……

They have to cover their head and wear a special grey costume for the rest of their life..

They can never marry…

Never have children…

Never own anything personal

They have devoted their lives to GOD


I have never heard anyone discuss their costume

Never heard a word about them being oppressed

To me it sounds like a prison

A lifetime sentence….

They will claim it is a personal choice…

but many who wear the hijab or Burka says the same thing

What do we know about how much they had to say about becoming a nun?

Maybe this was expected since they were little?

When they came to Norway they couldn’t speak a word in Norwegian

They only socialize with the other nuns and live quite an isolated life…

The catholic church say this is how it is suppose to be

The ministers are not allowed to marry either…

the results we´ve seen in the media

sexual abuse of young choir boys…

It is hard for us in Norway to comprehend that woman can be so oppressed that they  accept to cover them selves up completely….and even demand the right to do so here in Norway were they don’t have to…burka tildekket complete

But changes doesn’t happened over night…

To come to a foreign country – as a refugee of war…is frightening enough

We can not expect them to adopt our lifestyle immediately

Many still live with their families – and the same rules still applies

Some socialize only with their own and can not speak the language..

many doesn’t know if they will be allowed to stay in Norway and might have to stand trial for what they have done here, when they return home…

Many doesn’t feel welcome

They experience harassment

and racism.

How easy it is to break free than?

How easy is it to ask for help?

Why should they trust us?

So how can we help???

I dont know…

But I am pretty convinced that mocking them in social media doesn’t do any good, like comparing them to buss seats…

buss sete burka.

Or refer to sale on sheets….

Isn’t it the men who force them to wear this we are angry at?

Why do we attack the woman?

Why do they make us so angry?

Isn’t it the oppression of woman we want to fight?

Do we really expect these woman to seek our help if they want to break free?

Do we really expect them to trust us and ask us for help?

We who mock them??

and write hatefull words?



Yes, we must stand up and fight against oppression of woman – but we can not attack the ones being oppressed!!

Then we are just as bad!!

Do I want to se young girls and woman fully covered in a burka?

Of course not!!

The question is how we can help and support them in the fight agains woman oppression?

I believe in understanding

and acceptance of were they come from

Accepting that it is scary to throw away a costume that you have been hiding under your entire life

especially in a foreign country..

with foreign people….

that isn’t always so friendly….

But if we show understanding



Maybe than they will seek contact – show us trust – and actually believe that we have their best interest in mind.

But it will take time…

…..and in the meantime our politicians has to be clear and set rules for what we can and cannot do in our society….

And I believe that we can not hide our face out in the public…

…at the same time we have to realize that this might mean prison for some woman – they will not be allowed to go outside…

this also has to be addressed and solved in one way or another…

Maybe demand some participation in our society……

But I dont care if some wants to wear a veil or not….

I only hope they feel secure enough in Norway to take it off if they want…

Unfortunately I dont have all the answers – but i believe that compassion and understanding will do much more than mockery and hate…

It has seldom been successful to force someone to do something they dont want…

And we, woman in Norway today ,what have we done for our freedom and equality?

how tough would we have been if it had been us?

We dont know

Because we are lucky

Would we break free if we had no one at our side?

We dont know

Because we are lucky

WE didnt fight for our rights here in Norway!!

Woman before us did!

a gift to all of us!!




❤ ❤ ❤


div nov 2007 037




sykkel vm bergen

Todays post in English

I have neeeeeever cared about Tour de France….

Vuelta Espania…

or any other bike race for that matter…

Actually I hate cycling myself

Its exhausting…

its boring…

and it hurts like he…….. some where unmentionable

But the world championship is in Bergen this week

sykkel VM

And that’s big I have been told….

a once in a lifetime happening

And I know to appreciate rarities 🙂

So instead of complaining over closed streets

Busses that doesn’t go where they are supposed to

Or other restrictions this week

I choose to see the positive

I see Bergen showing off from its best side…

sunny and beautiful!!

Happy people cheering for every athlete – no matter which country

I see the streets filled with policemen…

….and everyone who knows me – know that I LIKE a police in uniform…



And there is a lot of  party going on in the city…

Our traditionally Tuesday mountain hike – ended up in the city last night

some wine

and a late summer night feeling is just what we appreciate..


As said before the roads are closed

and it isn’t easy to get to work ( or home)

there is a Shutlebus going trough the city

and you are as herring in a barrel inside the bus…

Not my thing!!!

We just have to join the circus

So this week I decided to cycle to work –

together with my dear friend and co-worker Benedikte

I drive to her house and then we cycle together at 06.30meg og bendis

I’ve borrowed a bike from a friend in the choir ( thanks Lovinda <3)

But Lovinda is a bit shorter than me, so my first trip I had my knees up to my chin..

Lucky me, I have a bit more experienced co-workers and she showed me how to adjust the seat

When it comes to gearing I am hopeless….so in the steep hills I had to stand up – and down hills my legs worked like drumsticks…

BUT that was my first trip!!!!

Now I do better!!! But thats after  the chain  had jumped off several times due to some crazy gearing…



Monday morning I started a new job at the ;


And I am embarrassed to admit that I have been cycling to work for 2 days without a helmet…

Couldn’t find mine…

It would be just great arriving at the hospital as a multi-trauma patient with a head injury due to not using a helmet.. my first day at work at the TRAUMA CENTER!!!!

That wouldn’t be embarrassing at all……. 😦

BUT I found it today!!

So finally I look like a sensible cycler…


I am not very experienced though

I’m not sure I can let go of the steering wheel long enough to scratch my nose….

I think I remember letting go of the steering wheel with both hands as a child….on the other hand that might have been my brother…

NO…I think I`ll stop to scratch my nose… just to be safe…

When I got passed by an older man in boots and grey hair, I realized that the world cup was far away…

BUT I do cycle

I don’t complain about closed roads

And I do appreciate the world championship and the folk festival!!!!

But my ass still hurts…

A wish you all a wonderful week

with or without a sore ass!!!

❤ ❤ ❤


To climb a mountain…..

Todays post in English

It is that time of year again

The weekend we´ve planned for all year…

Looked forward too

What peak to climb this year?

Where should we travel?

Where should we stay?

For 9 years we have traveled and climbed mountains with our colleagues

These are the mountains we have climbed:

Melderskin in Rosendal


Kjerag/Bolten and Prekestolen

Hornelen, Store Smørstabbtind, Slogen, Fanaråken, Breidablikk an also all the way up in the spier of Nidarosdomen….


A doctor from Africa visiting our hospital in Bergen wrote about his meeting with the strange Norwegians….

One Sunday morning he sat by his window and saw a crowd of people  walking by , continuing up the mountain. He threw his clothes on and hurried after them curious to see what was going on?

it was a long walk and he couldn’t believe it when he realized that they only went up the mountain to eat their lunch just to go back down again…..In Africa they walked only to get something or to go somewhere…

He also asked the question: How far up the mountain must Norwegian go before they start greeting each other?»


we drag ourselves up the mountainside


Some turns before they reach the top

Thats ok!

we eat and drink some

Talk a lot

Laugh even more….

maybe drink some champagne, cider or beer…:)


Take «some» pictures at the top….often with our hands in the air…..dont know why…..just something we do…


Change out of sweaty clothes

and turn back down again…

when we get back down  we party and have fun!

and the next day we go back home…

Why do we do this every year?

Whats the point?

If you ask that question you have never been on a mountain top…

seen the view…

experienced that «good tired» feeling after an physical challenge

And also;

It is social

It is so fun

It is so important to our work environment


This year we went to SKÅLA in Loen

We went from sero meters above the ocean to 1848 meters above the Ocean ( 2021 yards) in only 8 kilometers… ( =4mi 1708.906yd)

So very steep!!

Challenging hike…

Maybe one of the most challenging we´ve been on…

But it was fabulous

It was great



We had snow on the top

1150 moh

And we took a swim at 1150meter ( =1257yd 1.96ft)  above the ocean in perhaps 4 og 5 degrees celsius ( 39 fahrenheit)  Only 2 of us went in!

The day after we took the sky-lift op to the Via Ferrata….before going home…

Next time I will climb it…..maybe…..



We got to see basejumpers in wing-suits throwing themself off the cliff…

 My palms were swetty, but I did manage to film them…

» What if they crash into the mountainside??» I gasped. » What will we do than?»

 » We cant do anything than – you will have to call Your boyfriend» One of the doctors replied 🙂

(My boyfriend is a funeral agent 🙂 )


We have had a wonderful weekend

We have enjoyed ourselves so much

We have sore, heavy and stiff legs as proof! 🙂

We will do the same next year

But in a different part of our country- on a different mountain



❤ ❤ ❤