What on earth was I thinking??

Todays post in English

No matter which window Look out of


I see the sea


but not just the sea

I see life at sea




Noisy water scooters

Beautiful sailboats


a heron flying by from time to time..

…with its awkward elegancy

seagulls screaming out loud

Terns plunging down looking like acrobatic planes

and oystercatchers strolling around on their little ledge..



I see Storøya = «Big Island»


where the goats, who now live at Fløyen ( our mountain in the city with a cable car going up), use to live…

Now some sheep has moved there instead…

Somebody has to eat the grass to keep it from overgrowing….

but the goats overdid it a bit….they also ate peoples lunches when they came visiting…

geit på holmen

I miss the goats I have to admit…

Not because I enjoyed them being so annoyingly intrusive when we tried to relax in the sun…

but because I remember my mother in law said she loved to see them climbing around on the Island and hear them from her kitchen window..


Actually it is my mother in law I am missing… ❤

svigermor og meg

❤ ❤ ❤

I see mountains I have climbed many times

and that I now can get to, walking from my own house..


I see the sun dive into the sea….or at least down back the mountains in the horisont



Even in my display cabinet the sun and the sea reflects


Yes I know I am braging

and constantly talk about my new home and magnificent view…

but I cant help it…

I am acting like a love-struck teenager…

but that is exactly how I feel…

Now I cant believe that I wanted us to live in my house?

and sell his..

What on earth was I thinking?

To be fair, it didnt look this before the renovation…

But how could I not see the potential?

Whatever….I am just glad I came to my senses…

This is our home now

This is were we are going to live

and I am looking forward to the rest of my life..


with the worlds best view and boyfriend…

❤ ❤ ❤



❤ ❤ ❤

1-2-3- new bedroom!!

The latest post in English

After sleeping here for a couple of weeks

we were super ready to get us a new bedroom….

no door and a lot of stuff  in every available space

We had planned to paint the bedroom our self


the painter had done such a good job on our living room .

and he was not expensive either

….and very quick….

Also there was a lot of «green hands» on the walls that probably would demand several coats of paint….


And we had planned to paint everything…

roof – walls and floor..


It didnt take much to persuade our self to ask the painter to do this as well

And in just a couple of days, the room was ready to move into 🙂

It is a bit smaller than the one we had in my house….

but the hole idea is to down size, so thats just fine 🙂


We chose to have one wall in black just to get some contrast to the white roof, walls and floor



Even though it isn`t a very big room, we get around the bed just fine and there is enough room to put clothes in and out of the wardrobes


Having clothes and shoes for two people we do need some wardrobe space – and that makes the room a bit more crowded, but I think it worked out just fine


From our bedroom we see the gravel road that leads up to the main road. We will put up a new fence there, the old one was totally rotten


Hope you liked it – but most importantly we do!  🙂

With my back hurting and not working these days, there isn`t much I can do….

But keeping track of the workers building the new terrace is something I can manage!

And that is needed – as I wanted it done the day before they started 🙂

Have a great Sunday everybody!


❤ ❤ ❤


Look what I found!!!

Todays post in English

I have googled and searched all over the net

I was willing to pay quite a lot

Also for shipping if that was necessary

from other cities….. or countries for that matter….

It is amacing how possessed I can get when working on a  project..

I was considering different types…

Like this one;



But I think that is to much laying down….

The danger is that we will never go to bed….we would feel that we are already there …

No, I wanted a chair to sit in,  with something to rest the legs on…

I actually liked the ones we had

They were big and comfy


the red totally crashed with the orange fireplace

but I thought I could sew new upholstery

well I would`nt do it myself of course

Me who got my teacher so upset that she said:

«oh Janecke I think maybe woodworking would be better for you»

that was after I had broken several needles in the sewing machine…..

and sewn trough my thumb…

and thats only when trying to make a  sample patch


…..I had also tried to nit a hem on a sweater……

but when you are more into talking with your friends than paying attention to wether the last stich were a nit or a purl  the hem does´nt turn out very well….

No! I know my limits so I had planned to get someone to do it for meg…


they turned out to be way to big for our tv living room

So I drove to every furniturestore in Bergen…..

two called; Bohus and Skeidar….

but they had the more traditional stressless chairs….



And even though they have modernized them some….

and the sitting comfort is very good..

It was a bit to much 1980 for me…..

You see…… the stressless from the 80`s dont hold many good memories for me

We had 3 chairs in front of our TV growing up

The newest chair was my moms

the one not so new was my dads

and the one getting ready to be thrown out was my brothers

and what was left?

yeah….. the footstool

and that was mine… 😦

try sitting on that for a hole evening of TV  not having anything to rest your back against….

I went to the Danish shop; Bolia

bolia stol


Would be nice if I was pissed at my boyfriend and didnt want to see him at all….

But no

a bit to antisocial for me this chair…

reminds me of those blinders that they use on horses…

I went to another store called; Berle

and there I found a chair that would fit perfectly in our livingroom

very good to sit in

like sinking into a pillow….

and great looking I thought



But the boyfriend freaked out when he heard the price…

21 000 Norwegian kroners (Nkr) for one chair

wich is approximately 2343,-  euro or 2593,-  US dollar

and that would be 42 000 Nkr……… because we needed two. of course…

But I was as I said, willing to pay quite a lot to get the right chairs…

and had already made up my mind…

But than we went to IKEA to buy wardrobe for the bedroom…

I had`nt even consider looking for chairs there..




we found this!!!

I really liked it alot!!

a totally different price 🙂

and it was really good to sit in

Maybe not the «sinking into a pillow» feeling

but close enough!

They even had a footstool

So we bought it






🙂 🙂 🙂

And now it is the bedroom next

Cant wait to go to sleep in a room with a door…


and find my clothes in a draw and not a suitcase!

Have a great Tuesday everybody

«Its going to be a sunny one in Bergen!!»






todays post in English


( Norwegian Emergency Medical Team)

We Wake up to a very cold, but beautiful morning

It is Friday the 2 of February  and it is 07.00 am 20180202_050231

This is the day we have been looking forward to

WHO is going to certify NOR EMT ( we hope…)

We work hard with the last preparations to get the clinic finished

And so it begins….

It all starts with an acute birth with a bleeding mom and a newborn that don`t breath…

We get children with asthma attacks, open leg fractures, great injuries, burns and simpler diseases…

During 6 hours of exercise we treat about 75 «patients» in our clinic..

The people that arrange the exercise really deserve credit, they did an amazing job..

There were «actors/patients» from the age of 6 months all the way to senior citizens

They acted so well and it was easy to play along with the exercise…

The makeup artist did an incredible job as well, it was not hard to believe the «injuries»..20180202_163418

And in all this…… EU – WHO and politicians shows up

But we don`t have time for that..

we have to treat the patients!!!

It is all very realistic and the visitors like our engagement meg og brannskaden

Suddenly 6 hours has past..

Have we eaten???

…maybe some chocolate…

Had something to drink?

At least not enough – cause no one has been to the toilet for the past 6 hours…

We learn from this to, have to take care of our self – take care of each other…

We clean up

and eat dinner



                                      dinner in a bag is just fine 😉

and we meet up for debrief….



the newspaper has written about the team

Something happens to you when you participate in something like this

You get so close to other people

meet people that has the same engagement as your self

The wish to go out in the world and help people in need, is strong  for everybody in the group

We are all excited and ready after a 4 days exercise

Only want to go home and take a shower and then we will be ready to go anywhere in the world


( «a quick wash» at Akershus fortresses public toilet isn’t exactly the same…)

we will have toilet and showers in the tents when we deploy

 Exhausted and inspired I land at Flesland airport late Saturday evening, with tons of experiences and many new friends

Have a wonderful weekend everybody20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤




Heeeeelp ……I am moving!!!

Yesterday post i English

I have lived here for 13 years….

Since my divorce

It was very hard to move out of my childrens childhood home…

Their father stayed there so of course the children felt more at home there…

For å Long time it was like they were guests in my house…

Even though they stayed there every other week…

But it was like that for me to…

The house didnt feel like my house..

It was someone elses and I was just borrowing it

But during the years I have done a lot of renovation both inside the house and the outside area

Gotten to know some great neighbours wich I have had a lot of fun with

And they have helped me so much with my motorcycle and everything else…

So slowly this has become my new home

Some of my kids has also chosen to live full time here for longer periodes..

Everything worked out in the end 😊


It is sad, scary and not an easy choice to make…

But my boyfriends house is his childhood home…

It has also a perfect location

The perfect size for the two of us..

And it is the area were our closest friends live.

And the view is magnificent!!


So the decision is made…..but it is with a heavy heart I am doing it…

My plan is to sell the house during this spring….

So if you know someone who wants a good place to live….

This is a fantastic place…

Just look at this view;


It is  going to be a busy spring, with both selling my house and full renovation of the house we are moving in to…

But I am really looking forward to that!!!

I love  busy days with lots of physical labour!! That’s when I feel alive😊

Updates on sale, moving and renovation will come during the spring….

I wish you all a wonderful week coming up

                                 ❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

The alarm wakes me at 04.00 am

The taxi arrives at 04.45 am

At the airport this nice greeting from a Starbucks employee makes me smile for the first time this morning. ( even though my name is spelled wrong) 🙂20180131_063441

The plane departure at 06.10 am

From rainy Bergen


«Good morning winter Oslo»


Time for the certification of our NOR EMT (= Norwegian Emergency Medical team)

We meet up precisely 08.00 am at Thon airport hotel for extradition of our personal equipment- hereby referred to as; PE. ( from now on its only military jargons that applies) 🙂

And than we were off to our camp location:


All day, evening and some of the night we spent building the camp:20180201_073926

Totally exhausted we crawl into our sleeping bags at 01.30 am

I am so grateful that I don’t have guard duty this night ( I have been awake for nearly 22 hours by this time)20180201_082639

But my guard duty comes soon enough – the next night from 04.00 – 05.00 am

Even though I am very tired I actually enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the fact that I actually know how to handle the «heater» for the tents and the power units. Witch I learned day 2.

At this time feel pretty good about my self 🙂

Time is of the essence and the next morning we realize that we have to hurry…

The big exercise starts at 11.30 am day 3

representatives from WHO and EU is coming

We are going to be certified to travel anywhere in the world were there is a catastrophe, to help people in need, with our transportable hospital/clinic . ( our worst case scenario not get certified…)

The tents are up, but the clinic inside the tents are far from ready…

And we work very hard for many hours to get it ready…





Read my next blog post on Saturday and I will tell you all about the exercise and the result.

Have a wonderful week everybody!!20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤



IT`S ON !!!!!

English version of todays post

This is what 2018 will be for me;

The year I run half marathon in under two hours

maraton Last time I ran at 2,03

The year I complete the Bergen mountain marathon

hoppende gladNever tried it before

The year I finish my second novel

utsikt fra skriveplassenFinished my first in 2009, but never got published – but I wont give up!

The year we move into my boyfriends house

eidsvågDoes not feel wrong to drink wine with my boyfriend to this view 🙂

The year I drop under 30 in handicap

20170808_163046went from 54 to 31 last year…

The year I exercise even more than last year

hang up 2

did good most of last year, bur finished horribly

Yep, it is going to be yet another ice swimming year!


I went for a swim every week in the ice-bade season; August to May – not the summer months, those are for wimps 🙂

2018 is the year that I am going to :

eat healthier, have more fun, love more, spend more time with my familie and kids, dance more, laugh more, sing more, travel, enjoy nature, enjoy my boyfriend, enjoy life, celebrate a big day!! 50!!! (yes I am hiding it in here so only the most lojal readers can read it 🙂 spend more time with friends, ski, play golf, go for walks, maybe hunt? climb new mountains, challenge my self more, contribute to a good work environment, not start to smoke, drink wine ( but not to much) be honest, be nice, be myself….

Is this New Years resolutions?

No this is plans! Plans that gives me something to strive fore, that gives me goals and makes it easier to organize my life.

Do I achieve all my goals?

NOPE…..but I do my very best….

And I never expect more from my self!!!

meg 1930

I wish you all a wonderful week

remember; weekend is not far away!!

❤ ❤ ❤


To climb a mountain…..

Todays post in English

It is that time of year again

The weekend we´ve planned for all year…

Looked forward too

What peak to climb this year?

Where should we travel?

Where should we stay?

For 9 years we have traveled and climbed mountains with our colleagues

These are the mountains we have climbed:

Melderskin in Rosendal


Kjerag/Bolten and Prekestolen

Hornelen, Store Smørstabbtind, Slogen, Fanaråken, Breidablikk an also all the way up in the spier of Nidarosdomen….


A doctor from Africa visiting our hospital in Bergen wrote about his meeting with the strange Norwegians….

One Sunday morning he sat by his window and saw a crowd of people  walking by , continuing up the mountain. He threw his clothes on and hurried after them curious to see what was going on?

it was a long walk and he couldn’t believe it when he realized that they only went up the mountain to eat their lunch just to go back down again…..In Africa they walked only to get something or to go somewhere…

He also asked the question: How far up the mountain must Norwegian go before they start greeting each other?»


we drag ourselves up the mountainside


Some turns before they reach the top

Thats ok!

we eat and drink some

Talk a lot

Laugh even more….

maybe drink some champagne, cider or beer…:)


Take «some» pictures at the top….often with our hands in the air…..dont know why…..just something we do…


Change out of sweaty clothes

and turn back down again…

when we get back down  we party and have fun!

and the next day we go back home…

Why do we do this every year?

Whats the point?

If you ask that question you have never been on a mountain top…

seen the view…

experienced that «good tired» feeling after an physical challenge

And also;

It is social

It is so fun

It is so important to our work environment


This year we went to SKÅLA in Loen

We went from sero meters above the ocean to 1848 meters above the Ocean ( 2021 yards) in only 8 kilometers… ( =4mi 1708.906yd)

So very steep!!

Challenging hike…

Maybe one of the most challenging we´ve been on…

But it was fabulous

It was great



We had snow on the top

1150 moh

And we took a swim at 1150meter ( =1257yd 1.96ft)  above the ocean in perhaps 4 og 5 degrees celsius ( 39 fahrenheit)  Only 2 of us went in!

The day after we took the sky-lift op to the Via Ferrata….before going home…

Next time I will climb it…..maybe…..



We got to see basejumpers in wing-suits throwing themself off the cliff…

 My palms were swetty, but I did manage to film them…

» What if they crash into the mountainside??» I gasped. » What will we do than?»

 » We cant do anything than – you will have to call Your boyfriend» One of the doctors replied 🙂

(My boyfriend is a funeral agent 🙂 )


We have had a wonderful weekend

We have enjoyed ourselves so much

We have sore, heavy and stiff legs as proof! 🙂

We will do the same next year

But in a different part of our country- on a different mountain



❤ ❤ ❤







A chapter in my life is over – sad and good at the same time..

Todays post in English


I`ve been working here for 12 years

almost on the day actually

I remember starting this job on my  birthday

 30th August 2005…

And I was here from the beginning

The center opened that year….

So what have I been doing these 12 years???

I`ve been a member of the resuscitation council in Helse Bergen as long as I have been working here…

I was a part of implementing automatic defibrillators ( AED) in all hospital wards in Helse Bergen in 2005 – 2006. we used 1,5 years to teach all the personnel how to use them…so we realized that we needed more instructors…

So then we made a course for AED/CPR instructors in Helse Bergen – and today there are more than 150 of them. They train with us 2 times a year and then they teaches their own co-workers several times a year.

I have had a close cooperation with most of them for many years – which I have appreciated a lot!

Without them the health professionals in Helse Bergen wouldn’t get to train CPR that often




I was the one who started the weekly cardiac arrest team training in 2006

after a loooong time of arguing for the benefits of such training…

 I finally got CPR with AED training to be mandatory for all new employees in Helse Bergen. a couple of years ago….

I am one of two NRR ( = Norwegian Resuscitation council) AHLR ( advanced CPR) main instructor in our hospital.

I have been working in the tender- group for buying new defibrillators in Helse Bergen in 2017. And been in charge of training the personnel with new equipment afterwards. 

I have been discussing with several, but also had great cooperation with the same people…

I have been part of developing courses to educate facilitators through many years…

I have contributed to several research projects – some that has ended in a Ph.D for some. And I have my self finished a master in nurse science.

I have developed many courses, held countless courses, attended numerous myself and learned a lot..

I have been teaching students, oil-company employers, emergency room nurses, priests, co-workers, newly educated and experienced; nurses, doctors, ambulance workers, orderlies, cleaning assistants and even the director of the hospital;

direktøren og jeg

I’ve  been speaking in big meetings, lecturing for large crowds if they wanted me to and my thought has always been that the word NO will make me miss out on stuff…

I have enjoyed being in the center of attention ( Big Surprise!!)

I’ve been to countless congresses in;  i Stavanger, Oslo, Lund, Bodø, Trondheim, Svolvær, Tromsø, Porto, Berlin, Gent, København,Paris and Praha

( and many more I am sure I don’t remember…)

I have played ALOT with dolls;


Made a mess with blood, acted, made movies and life action drama..

I have talked my self hoarse and tired of my own voice, just to come back the next day to do it all over again…

I have laughed and been touched……

I have been disappointed and sad…

I’ve met a lot of great people – been fortunate to work with some of this hospitals «legends»

And I got the opportunity to work in a project in Zanzibar


I am a part of Helse Bergens health team that travels abroad to help Norwegians caught in natural disasters of some kind ( Was created after the tsunami in the Indian ocean in 2004)

I have gotten some really good friends that has been there for me when I needed them to, some I will meet in my new job, some in my private life…

❤ ❤ ❤

And today the 1 of September 2017 I have my last day here…

My desk is emptied out and ready for my supersedes…

And that is people that I KNOW will do well here and take the work that I have done and move forward.



My stuff has been moved to my new space

It is a bit weird

It is a bit sad

But most of all its GOOD!

It feels totally right

It was time

20170901_074256A little good bye to my boss


Thank you so much for now «ferdighetssenteret» ( skill training center)

❤ ❤ ❤

You are a love and a pride I take with me ahead…



I am so cool some times…

Todays post in English

I was what you would call a pretty wild teenager

I liked to live life to the fullest –  party and have fun


we went to dance arrangement out in the countryside looong before we were old enough

We just went down to the pier, to ask the older boys with cars, if we could get a ride

And we always did 🙂

I travveled to the Canary Islands with friends when I was 16 years old -incredible that my mother would let me!!

«But we could always trust you» she says to her defence


There were a lot of home alone parties….

We went out in the city with borrowed Identity…

There were big conserts in Copenhagen, and different cities in Norway

I traveled to the US as a foreign exchange student……and tried out some things there…

I moved to Copenhagen for a while….and tried out some things there…


I had orange, red and white hair  – I had afro, hedgehog, super long and super short hair.

I shaved off my hair just to prove to a teacher that I dared…


Than I became a mother and pulled myself together….

In 7 years I had 4 children – all before I turned 29

YES; as I have said before – it was quite busy…

It so strange how we can totally let go of our self for some time – to fully concentrate on taking care of others..


But that is what we do as parents

Suddenly nothing is as important as the little ones at home

But as they grow older it all stabilizes

and you can prioritize yourself a little bit again

Thank God!

Or we would be pretty boring as humans…

«You are so much younger and cooler than the other moms,» my oldest son said to me when he started school 

Of course I was – I was just a baby when I got him!!!

When my little one started school I wasn’t the youngest of the moms anymore…

But she still thought I was cool – especially when I picked her up at school with my Motor cycle.


Maybe I am not;

I dont iron, I am no wonder in the kitchen, my garden is nothing to brag about, I am divorce X2, I can scream pretty loud when angry, I use profanity from time to time, sometime I make a fool of myself, and I have many flaws..


I can fix almost everything in the house – I build walls – I can cast, paint, put up wallpaper, fix the electricity, I do tiling and flooring…

It is not a thing I wouldn’t help my kids with – If I know how –

and I most often do! 🙂

YES! I have a huge self-confident monster on my shoulder 🙂


  • I DIG to ride the roller coaster – last time me and my youngest went to a fair in Oslo, she got tired way before me and sat down with the other parents who were waiting for their kids – while I took a couple of rides more…

berg og dalbane

  • I love to ski – very fast I might add. I have taught all my children how to ski – but I do believe that at least my boys will ski faster than me now…

på ski

I love my Kawasaki

And some times I drive a little fast…

kawaen min

  • I love to dress up for carnival or other theme parties and I have always engaged myself in the kids dress up events – and they never lacked anything in that department…
  • I have started to play golf – after my sons request  – and now we have a mutual interest and activity!

golf redigert

I am an ice swimmer


  • I am not afraid to try something new  – I love a challenge


    So yes!!!

I do think I am pretty awesome and cool sometimes – but I don’t know if my kids agree….

Is that important???


The only thing that matters to me is that they know  I love them more than anything else and that there isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for them!!


❤ ❤ ❤