What do I really feel??

Todays post in English

When life suddenly offers big changes

When I am being challenged

When my limits are being pushed…


20171014_210405What do I really feel?

What do you feel???

Am I scared?

Or am I just excited?

Maybe I am in love??



It`s funny, but the reactions in our body is quite the same in these situations…

Why are some, so much braver than others?

Why do some avoid challenges, while others run to them?

What do I do?

Well…..something in the middel I guess…

I like to speed on my Kawasaki

I love roller coasters!!


I am more than likely to stand up in a big crowd and say something just impulsively…

BUT, I am not totally calm inside when it happens…

Of course I am nervous and sometime scared….

BUT, that will not kill me!!!

A pounding heart, flushed cheeks, sweaty armpits – that sends out tonns of pheromones  (= a chemical substance with scent) and large pupils. These are reactions that occurs when adrenalin is being released in our body . 

I like the rush my body gets in these situations

To feel that insecurity

Take control over those feelings – instead of letting them control me…

It feels like a victory

A fight that I have won…

I urge you to think about that the next time something frightens you – maybe you`re not REALLY afraid? Maybe you are just excited?

Embrace that feeling as you do when you are in love – the truth is that the reaction in your body is quite similar in both situations…

You should not take unnecessary chances of course, nor put yourself in real danger…But maybe that change in your life is`nt that scary after all?

Maybe you should find another job if you`re not satisfied where you are…

Maybe you should get yourself out of that relationship that makes you miserable…

Maybe you should take the trip that you have dreamt of for so long..




❤ ❤ ❤



IT`S ON !!!!!

English version of todays post

This is what 2018 will be for me;

The year I run half marathon in under two hours

maraton Last time I ran at 2,03

The year I complete the Bergen mountain marathon

hoppende gladNever tried it before

The year I finish my second novel

utsikt fra skriveplassenFinished my first in 2009, but never got published – but I wont give up!

The year we move into my boyfriends house

eidsvågDoes not feel wrong to drink wine with my boyfriend to this view 🙂

The year I drop under 30 in handicap

20170808_163046went from 54 to 31 last year…

The year I exercise even more than last year

hang up 2

did good most of last year, bur finished horribly

Yep, it is going to be yet another ice swimming year!


I went for a swim every week in the ice-bade season; August to May – not the summer months, those are for wimps 🙂

2018 is the year that I am going to :

eat healthier, have more fun, love more, spend more time with my familie and kids, dance more, laugh more, sing more, travel, enjoy nature, enjoy my boyfriend, enjoy life, celebrate a big day!! 50!!! (yes I am hiding it in here so only the most lojal readers can read it 🙂 spend more time with friends, ski, play golf, go for walks, maybe hunt? climb new mountains, challenge my self more, contribute to a good work environment, not start to smoke, drink wine ( but not to much) be honest, be nice, be myself….

Is this New Years resolutions?

No this is plans! Plans that gives me something to strive fore, that gives me goals and makes it easier to organize my life.

Do I achieve all my goals?

NOPE…..but I do my very best….

And I never expect more from my self!!!

meg 1930

I wish you all a wonderful week

remember; weekend is not far away!!

❤ ❤ ❤


A trip from hel…….

This weeks post in English, sorry for my not so perfect English 🙂

I was going to visit a friend up north one summer

To her hometown, the city of Bodø

I was going alone, with my four kids, who at that time was at the age of 2-4-7-and 9 .

No problem, I thought….:)



After all, my husband would take me to the airport and my friend would pick me up in Bodø

It would only be the transfer in Oslo I would have to manage on my own…


When we arrived in Oslo I got super stressed. I thought our landing time in my schedule was the time to board our next flight

We had landed 10 minutes early…

I ran with one  child on my arm, the other one holding my hand as I was dragging her along – while my eldest boy was told to take his little brothers hand and follow me…QUICKLY!!

Hysterically I ran through the corridors

The children cried and I yelled

When we got to our gate, there were no people there and no plane outside…

I ran hysterically over to the next gate and explained that I had missed my flight..

«What am I going to do????» I almost cried…

The friendly airport worker looked at my ticket and told me that my plane would be boarding in 45 minutes….


When we finally were boarding the plane, the airline where trying out a new system were we could pick our own seats!!!!!! 😦

…..Well……. that doesn’t work well for a mom with four children – when the eldest boys run in, pushing themselves past people and pick two seats way in the back without holding some for their mom and 2 younger sisters…

We sat with 9 rows between us!!!

When we finally took off, I sank into the seat and looked forward to arriving in Bodø and getting some help from my friend…

For a little while I relaxed, but suddenly a woman came to my seat:

«I think you have to come back here, your son is airplane sick and is throwing up all over the place»!!

I ran back and forth between one kid who were really sick and to little girls who didn’t, AT ALL want to sit by themselves alone in the front..

«MOM»  were yelled between the 10th and 19th row for a long time!!

You think anyone offered to trade places with me?


Things settled down after a while and NOW I was really looking forward to land in Bodø!!!

«This is the captain speaking. Unfortunately there is to much fog in Bodø airport so we have to fly to Værnes instead, and maybe we can fly back in a while»

I wanted to cry…. Værnes where the heck is that????

At Værnes we waited for a long while inside the airplane, but eventually we were told that we had to go by bus back to Bodø….

«How far is that ?» I asked someone on the plane.

«10 hours» She replied

NOW, I was fighting the tears for real!

But I pulled myself together and grabbed the first flight attendant I saw;

«All 5 of us gets car sick, so you better find some medication for that, or this bus-trip will be a nightmare for all!!!»

He took off and were soon back with plenty of tablets and water for us.

And then the journey began.


2 busses in a convoy heading for Bodø.

The ferry that we had to take had been transporting a large circus all day, so the cars in line had been waiting for hours already…

When our flight got cancelled, the ferry was held back for additionally 30-40 minutes, to wait for the 2 busses.

It would be an understatement to say that the people waiting there was unhappy..

And they took it out on us…

No seats were available and no one gave their seats to an exhausted mother with 4  children…..

we were supposed to get free food, but the ferry was emptied out..

Back in the bus there were some woman that helped me with two of  my children and the trip towards Bodø continued.

When we were getting close, I borrowed a cell phone and I called my friend at her house to make a plan for her to pick us up.

«We will drive both to the airport and the bus station» the buss driver told me.

So we planned for her to pick me up at the bus station which suited my friend best.

We first arrived at the airport and the bus driver from the bus in front came back and said;

«We have to hurry back, so that we can catch the last ferry back home«

This was a time when not everybody had a cell phone. Neither my friend or I did, so now I couldn’t reach her,  were she was waiting at the bus station.

The last thing the bus driver did was to call for a taxi, before he left me and my four small kids out in the cold night at 01.00……

The taxi came, but it was a regular taxi – with seats for 4 people – we were 5!!!!!…..

So he had to call for another one – and a maxi taxi finally arrived minutes later…..

«The airline is paying for this» I told him. ( The buss driver had promised me that)

«Do you have a requisition?» he asked and I lost it!!!!!


With tears in my voice I screamed:

«Don’t ask me for anything right now!!! I have travelled for 12 hours with my 4 kids and I am about to loose my mind!!!!»

He threw his hands in the air and said:

«Take it easy madam – take it easy«

He than went into the airport and soon came back with the requisition.

«They tried to say no» he told me when I had calmed down.

» But I told them, that the totally exhausted mother of 4, sitting out in my car – was NOT one that they should fuck with!!!»



At 03.00 I was sitting in my friends kitchen with a glass of wine.

Totally exhausted, happy to finally be there, and swearing that I would NEVER take a trip alone with my 4 kids EVER again…



Its funny……now that my 4 kids are all grown up….. I would give a lot to be able to take that same trip again… 🙂

I wish you all a great weekend – enjoy the moments – before you know it, they`ve passed….

❤ ❤ ❤



Todays post in english

Exactly what I needed

Something to look forward to

in the darkest period of the year

Only 64 days away

1536 hours

92 160 minutes

5 529 600 seconds


salobre golfresort

My boyfriend took charge

booked a 5 stars golf resort hotel

away from a cold Norway

to the sunny Canary Island

away from Christmas preparation and stress

1 week before Christmas



OMG we are so lucky!!!

To be able to buy ourselves these breaks from every day life…

to leave the stress behind for a while…

to regain surplus…

make rom for love..

enhance our golf skills


and enjoy:



69095260_y@2x…..travel is the only thing you buy – that makes you richer…..

It is amazing how long a week like that can last…

It has already started…

Looking forward to it…

preparing for it…

talking about everything we`d like to do..

smiling and making plans…

feel the energy growing…

Its not so hard to get up on a early, cold October morning…

«we are soon off to the Canary Island»

Not as exhausting with busy workdays…

«vacation isn’t far away!»

Easy to motivate for a work out

«the bikini is coming back on pretty soon!!»


I am so looking forward to Christmas!!

….or at least to the week before Christmas…..

❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English20160809_055514[1]

Some mornings are more difficult than others…

Especially those when I wake up to the sound of poring rain against my window

Or a cold October morning with morning-frost and icy roads

….which means that I cant drive my motorcycle to work….

Which again means that I have to leave 40 minutes earlier from home…

That’s when I envy those who have fall-vacation….

Those who goes to school and starts later in the morning….

Envy the senior citizens who have all day to do what they like…

Envy of my boyfriend that can sleep for another 2 hours…

Autumn offers a bit more of these mornings than the rest of the year..

Its dark – wet and the summer is faaaaar away…

BUT – suddenly beautiful days appears


breaking up the grey….

so unexpected

so appreciated

it doesn’t take much…

and the energy is back!

I feel alive again

Just like this weekend

Cold and clear

Playing golf with my loved ones ❤20171008_120304

I played like shi….., but it didn’t matter that much…..at least that’s what I tried to tell my self… 🙂

Just to be outdoors for hours – enjoy the lovely autumn sun and be with those I love…. ❤


and than a refreshing dipp in the sea20171008_140135

Those days are like magic

I enjoy them so much

That’s when I fall in love with nature

cant get enough…..meg tegning trist

I cant help compare myself to nature…

I also offer rainy days….

I can also be grey and sad….

give less energy to others….

BUT I can also shine like the sun

spread happiness, be loving and good….

Be a super girlfriend,

friend and mother ❤

I hope I do better than the fall…..

That I offer more sunny days than the rainy ones!




❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

She is a turbo

A firework

a bundle of energy

Like sunshine

wild and untamed

One who sometimes needs to be held back a bit

put the brakes on

She has 10000000000 ideas

She wants to do all

so many plans

And she succeeds with most of them


I`ve known her for 5 years now

After many years living in the east of Norway

She finally came back to Bergen

She hadn’t been here for long when she thought:

«I am a conductor!

«I need a choir»received_10155447486215973

And of course my choir will have a Christmas concert….

So she called her friends in Eidsvåg church and booked the church for the concert

«Do you have a choir» they asked…

«No but I will by Christmas» she answered…

After all it Christmas was 5 months away…

She got the choir

The first rehearsal there was 12

At the concert we were 50

This was the beginning of  «benedictinerne»

(Named after our dear conductor)kor

Today 5 years later we are 125!

I started in the choir a month in

And have never regretted it

I found friends for life..

And I found the love of my life


❤ ❤ ❤


Who happens to be the conductors brother as well

So now she is my sister in law

Lucky me 🙂

But back to the conductor

She doesn’t do anything halfway

She puts 110%  into everything she does

She almost starts a movement when she discovers something new…

Like when she started kayakingkajakkpadling

She joined the local kayaking club and invited friends and choir to join

And she encourage people to join her on the water almost daily

not once in a while….

She also got great deals for everyone who wanted to join the club

And the club can thank her for allot of new members that year…

And then there was hiking in the mountain

Every Sunday she waited for people at bottom of the mountain – and encourage everybody in the choir to join her….facebook updates every week

A lot of members can thank her for weight loss and better physics…


She always have something going on

Always busy

never says nodirigenten

Her dream was a choir in Bergen

Now we are the biggest one in Hordaland

The goal is reached….(?)


She just adjust the finish line

Christmas and summer concert in the church is just fine…..

But now she wants to conquer the main concert hall in Bergen


She does the same now

Books Grieghallen

«Does she have enough audience?» some ask

«Does she have the founding?» others wonder

«No problem» she says

«I`ll fix» she replies

All the money goes to charity

«No one can help everyone – but everyone can help some» is her motto..

(I actually think she has enough energy to try to help everyone..)

So please buy a ticket to our concert if you are in Bergen the 4th of November



We promises a great show

With fantastic songs like:

Fix You

The Outcast

Can you feel the love tonight


and many more…..

You get 3 things in one;

1. You get to hear beautiful songs

2. You support a good cause

3. And you get to enjoy our fantastic conductor


❤ ❤ ❤

To climb a mountain…..

Todays post in English

It is that time of year again

The weekend we´ve planned for all year…

Looked forward too

What peak to climb this year?

Where should we travel?

Where should we stay?

For 9 years we have traveled and climbed mountains with our colleagues

These are the mountains we have climbed:

Melderskin in Rosendal


Kjerag/Bolten and Prekestolen

Hornelen, Store Smørstabbtind, Slogen, Fanaråken, Breidablikk an also all the way up in the spier of Nidarosdomen….


A doctor from Africa visiting our hospital in Bergen wrote about his meeting with the strange Norwegians….

One Sunday morning he sat by his window and saw a crowd of people  walking by , continuing up the mountain. He threw his clothes on and hurried after them curious to see what was going on?

it was a long walk and he couldn’t believe it when he realized that they only went up the mountain to eat their lunch just to go back down again…..In Africa they walked only to get something or to go somewhere…

He also asked the question: How far up the mountain must Norwegian go before they start greeting each other?»


we drag ourselves up the mountainside


Some turns before they reach the top

Thats ok!

we eat and drink some

Talk a lot

Laugh even more….

maybe drink some champagne, cider or beer…:)


Take «some» pictures at the top….often with our hands in the air…..dont know why…..just something we do…


Change out of sweaty clothes

and turn back down again…

when we get back down  we party and have fun!

and the next day we go back home…

Why do we do this every year?

Whats the point?

If you ask that question you have never been on a mountain top…

seen the view…

experienced that «good tired» feeling after an physical challenge

And also;

It is social

It is so fun

It is so important to our work environment


This year we went to SKÅLA in Loen

We went from sero meters above the ocean to 1848 meters above the Ocean ( 2021 yards) in only 8 kilometers… ( =4mi 1708.906yd)

So very steep!!

Challenging hike…

Maybe one of the most challenging we´ve been on…

But it was fabulous

It was great



We had snow on the top

1150 moh

And we took a swim at 1150meter ( =1257yd 1.96ft)  above the ocean in perhaps 4 og 5 degrees celsius ( 39 fahrenheit)  Only 2 of us went in!

The day after we took the sky-lift op to the Via Ferrata….before going home…

Next time I will climb it…..maybe…..



We got to see basejumpers in wing-suits throwing themself off the cliff…

 My palms were swetty, but I did manage to film them…

» What if they crash into the mountainside??» I gasped. » What will we do than?»

 » We cant do anything than – you will have to call Your boyfriend» One of the doctors replied 🙂

(My boyfriend is a funeral agent 🙂 )


We have had a wonderful weekend

We have enjoyed ourselves so much

We have sore, heavy and stiff legs as proof! 🙂

We will do the same next year

But in a different part of our country- on a different mountain



❤ ❤ ❤







Deadly offended!!!!

Todays post in English

Got an email today….

…….asking me if I wanted to participate in the golf-clubs senior tournament!!!


There are several ways to react to this….

«Nice that they want to include me……»

But senior tournament????



Who are only 29????

It is not very easy to continue that self-deception when I get invited to events for 50+

Of course I could have replied;

«Sorry !!! but I am not that old»

But I didnt…..

The truth is that I am only a year short….



So why is age that important?

Why shouldn’t you ask a lady her age?

Why do I cling to the number 29?

Where was I – at the age of 29?

Mother of 4 children at the age 1 -8


Not much time for my self…


But what a wonderful time………even though I dont want it back…

Everything has their time

Every age its charm…

But why than, do I try to peel off the years that has past??

……..with them I´ll also erase :

All my experiences….

Everything that I have learned….

All that has happened to me…

All my acquisitions…


Everything that I have seen

My wisdom

All my accomplishments



My kids are grown ups now

And we have a totally different relationship..

I can enjoy a wine – evening with my girls and bonus children…


I can enjoy a great day at the golf course with my son and trainer 🙂

I can ask my oldest son for advice – because he is often more sensible and reflected than I am.

I can do as I choose with my leisure time…

Go on a trip with my boyfriend if I want

I dont have to go to any school if I dont want to my self

I have a great job – that I love!



I have good economy

I own my own house and car

I have learned how to play golf ( never a blog without mention golf 🙂 )



So why would I want to erase all these years?

and cling to 29???

Of course I dont want that…

I want both!!!!

Keep everything that these years have given me…..but stay 29 as well 🙂


well…mostly it is a joke…

…..but there is some seriousness to it as well….

I dont need to get much older now…..

Not so much about the looks…..maybe 🙂

Every age has its charm as I pointed out earlier….

….and if you are wise, you have a lover  your own age – to make sure you aren’t the only one aging….;)



No, it has more to do with our limited time here on earth to be honest….

A bit frightening to think about….

I would like live for ever…

I read somewhere, that if you only believed strongly enough…

and you send these thoughts out into the universe..

showing gratefulness in advance…

It will happened







hopp i regnbuen


❤ ❤ ❤







Quality time with my boyfriend

oss på fjelet

Job projects that has to be finished


my office has been turned into a guest room for the time being…

The excuses are many

But the result is the same:

I havent been writing on my book for weeks!!


Not that I have writers block or anything…

I just haven’t prioritized it..

Been postponing and postponing….

Its like when I have taken a too long vacation from exercising and gain a few to many ponds;

«Ill start eating healthy and exercise on monday again»

Then comes monday, but it turns out that we have been invited to a party on Wednesday….there will of course be cakes….

No sense in starting a healthier lifestyle before that

And then Wednesday has past, but now the weekend is coming up pretty soon….

Nobody starts a diet on a weekend???

No better just wait until the next monday…


Some times I postpone projects like that for weeks….fool my self with different excuses….

Until I finally pull myself together and go «all in»

Thats were I am at with my writing right now…

Deadline is coming up and I have to get back to writing my book

I want to

This monday it is going to happen!!

I will get back to exercising, healthier nutrition and writing every day!!

So today I got up early ( 05.15)

trained for 30 minutes

walked the dogs

and wrote this blog

And tonight I have  planned to write for 1 hour on my book

utsikt fra skriveplassen

I have started!!!

hopp i regnbuen

So no cake-invitation for us this week please!


❤ ❤ ❤

I am back!!!!

Todays post in English

First day back at work….

It`s  not that bad when I am first here…

It is actually quite nice….

Meeting up with good colleagues….

Remembering that I am actually good at more than playing golf, drinking wine, sun tanning……

and eating way to much good food…



It feels good that I am actually good at something

feel the pride of my profession….

The identity that also lies there…




But yesterday was a difficult day

Sunday night, after weeks of vacation and free time to do whatever I wanted…

The thought of the alarm-clock who would come crashing back into my life in just a few hours….

In front of the TV with my boyfriend and a glass of wine…

Or it was actually champagne…

A last toast with bubbles for a fantastic vacation….

That was hard….

Very hard to think about the vacation coming to an end…



But today its all good

Not just starting work but all the other routines;

Work out

Eating healthier

Getting back to writing on my book who has been left alone for too long…

Make plans for all the exciting project that we have coming up

( will tell you more about them this fall)

And not to mention starting a new job in a couple of weeks!!

Trauma center here I come!!

YUP! This fall is going to be great!!

hoppende glad

I wish you all a great start to your week

❤ ❤ ❤