1-2-3- new bedroom!!

The latest post in English

After sleeping here for a couple of weeks

we were super ready to get us a new bedroom….

no door and a lot of stuff  in every available space

We had planned to paint the bedroom our self


the painter had done such a good job on our living room .

and he was not expensive either

….and very quick….

Also there was a lot of «green hands» on the walls that probably would demand several coats of paint….


And we had planned to paint everything…

roof – walls and floor..


It didnt take much to persuade our self to ask the painter to do this as well

And in just a couple of days, the room was ready to move into 🙂

It is a bit smaller than the one we had in my house….

but the hole idea is to down size, so thats just fine 🙂


We chose to have one wall in black just to get some contrast to the white roof, walls and floor



Even though it isn`t a very big room, we get around the bed just fine and there is enough room to put clothes in and out of the wardrobes


Having clothes and shoes for two people we do need some wardrobe space – and that makes the room a bit more crowded, but I think it worked out just fine


From our bedroom we see the gravel road that leads up to the main road. We will put up a new fence there, the old one was totally rotten


Hope you liked it – but most importantly we do!  🙂

With my back hurting and not working these days, there isn`t much I can do….

But keeping track of the workers building the new terrace is something I can manage!

And that is needed – as I wanted it done the day before they started 🙂

Have a great Sunday everybody!


❤ ❤ ❤



todays post in English


( Norwegian Emergency Medical Team)

We Wake up to a very cold, but beautiful morning

It is Friday the 2 of February  and it is 07.00 am 20180202_050231

This is the day we have been looking forward to

WHO is going to certify NOR EMT ( we hope…)

We work hard with the last preparations to get the clinic finished

And so it begins….

It all starts with an acute birth with a bleeding mom and a newborn that don`t breath…

We get children with asthma attacks, open leg fractures, great injuries, burns and simpler diseases…

During 6 hours of exercise we treat about 75 «patients» in our clinic..

The people that arrange the exercise really deserve credit, they did an amazing job..

There were «actors/patients» from the age of 6 months all the way to senior citizens

They acted so well and it was easy to play along with the exercise…

The makeup artist did an incredible job as well, it was not hard to believe the «injuries»..20180202_163418

And in all this…… EU – WHO and politicians shows up

But we don`t have time for that..

we have to treat the patients!!!

It is all very realistic and the visitors like our engagement meg og brannskaden

Suddenly 6 hours has past..

Have we eaten???

…maybe some chocolate…

Had something to drink?

At least not enough – cause no one has been to the toilet for the past 6 hours…

We learn from this to, have to take care of our self – take care of each other…

We clean up

and eat dinner



                                      dinner in a bag is just fine 😉

and we meet up for debrief….



the newspaper has written about the team

Something happens to you when you participate in something like this

You get so close to other people

meet people that has the same engagement as your self

The wish to go out in the world and help people in need, is strong  for everybody in the group

We are all excited and ready after a 4 days exercise

Only want to go home and take a shower and then we will be ready to go anywhere in the world


( «a quick wash» at Akershus fortresses public toilet isn’t exactly the same…)

we will have toilet and showers in the tents when we deploy

 Exhausted and inspired I land at Flesland airport late Saturday evening, with tons of experiences and many new friends

Have a wonderful weekend everybody20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤




Heeeeelp ……I am moving!!!

Yesterday post i English

I have lived here for 13 years….

Since my divorce

It was very hard to move out of my childrens childhood home…

Their father stayed there so of course the children felt more at home there…

For å Long time it was like they were guests in my house…

Even though they stayed there every other week…

But it was like that for me to…

The house didnt feel like my house..

It was someone elses and I was just borrowing it

But during the years I have done a lot of renovation both inside the house and the outside area

Gotten to know some great neighbours wich I have had a lot of fun with

And they have helped me so much with my motorcycle and everything else…

So slowly this has become my new home

Some of my kids has also chosen to live full time here for longer periodes..

Everything worked out in the end 😊


It is sad, scary and not an easy choice to make…

But my boyfriends house is his childhood home…

It has also a perfect location

The perfect size for the two of us..

And it is the area were our closest friends live.

And the view is magnificent!!


So the decision is made…..but it is with a heavy heart I am doing it…

My plan is to sell the house during this spring….

So if you know someone who wants a good place to live….

This is a fantastic place…

Just look at this view;


It is  going to be a busy spring, with both selling my house and full renovation of the house we are moving in to…

But I am really looking forward to that!!!

I love  busy days with lots of physical labour!! That’s when I feel alive😊

Updates on sale, moving and renovation will come during the spring….

I wish you all a wonderful week coming up

                                 ❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

Thank you so much for my 2 eyes

With them I can see the natures beautiful colors, great mountains and sunset that takes my breath away..



With them I have been able to admire my wonderful children grow up:

Sometimes I let them rest at my good looking boyfriend:


Other times they are glowing with love when our eyes meet


With them I can execute my work with precision and awareness;


With them I can follow my golfball when I hit it far away…

and I do hit it far….😁😁🏌🏌


With them I have read tonns of books and used them critically on my own writings..

With them I can detect danger…


….show my friends that I care

…..see others pain and express compassion and empathy

…..see wrongs and unjustice

død på stranden

With them I can express anger, love and happiness

With them I can see the good in people:

per fugelli

With them I can cry both in sorrow and in joy

And when I am tired and close them….they let me rest


What has happened these last years???

Why do they refuse to read small letters?

Why does everything get blury up close???

I guess I have to except that my eyes also gets tired….

…tired from everything that I have seen and read..

So I guess I have to let them rest a bit…

Luckily I look pretty good in the aids provided 😁😁😁


Thank you so much for my eyes and all the beauty they have – and will see!!!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week

…..and keep your eyes open for those beautiful everyday moments




What do I really feel??

Todays post in English

When life suddenly offers big changes

When I am being challenged

When my limits are being pushed…


20171014_210405What do I really feel?

What do you feel???

Am I scared?

Or am I just excited?

Maybe I am in love??



It`s funny, but the reactions in our body is quite the same in these situations…

Why are some, so much braver than others?

Why do some avoid challenges, while others run to them?

What do I do?

Well…..something in the middel I guess…

I like to speed on my Kawasaki

I love roller coasters!!


I am more than likely to stand up in a big crowd and say something just impulsively…

BUT, I am not totally calm inside when it happens…

Of course I am nervous and sometime scared….

BUT, that will not kill me!!!

A pounding heart, flushed cheeks, sweaty armpits – that sends out tonns of pheromones  (= a chemical substance with scent) and large pupils. These are reactions that occurs when adrenalin is being released in our body . 

I like the rush my body gets in these situations

To feel that insecurity

Take control over those feelings – instead of letting them control me…

It feels like a victory

A fight that I have won…

I urge you to think about that the next time something frightens you – maybe you`re not REALLY afraid? Maybe you are just excited?

Embrace that feeling as you do when you are in love – the truth is that the reaction in your body is quite similar in both situations…

You should not take unnecessary chances of course, nor put yourself in real danger…But maybe that change in your life is`nt that scary after all?

Maybe you should find another job if you`re not satisfied where you are…

Maybe you should get yourself out of that relationship that makes you miserable…

Maybe you should take the trip that you have dreamt of for so long..




❤ ❤ ❤



I am being opposed!!!

Todays post in English

We usually act like team players

We get things done

We are efficient

We are successful

bergen by night

I set my self goals

and in the beginning we both work towards that goal:

I am going to exercise every day and eat healthy!

In the beginning there are no problems…

I am determined

Have faith

I am stubborn and have stamina

push up 1

Than suddenly something happens

a shift

a change

I am being opposed

Like somebody is putting sticks in my wheels….

makes bumps in my road….

» You deserve to relax»

«Of course you can eat a chocolate, you have been so good for several days now»

«one day of self indulgents is quite ok!»

Who is it that, that boycotts me?

Who`s intensions is it to see me fail?


It is the same with project; NOVEL

For periodes of time I am convinced that I will succeed

Be published

Get my book into the bookstores

On the bestsellers list!!!!


But suddenly the doubt has been planted

«Are you really good enough?»

«There are certainly a lot of people that writes MUCH better than you do»

«There are many that tries to get published»

«Why should you be the lucky one?»

How is it possible to change perception of me that quickly??

What have I done to deserve such a lousy friend?

Who at the first steep hill tries to convince me to give up????


I think its pretty lousy

And sometimes I wish to get ritt of this friend

But I know that when we work together

When we both have faith

There is no one who supports me more…

No one who pushes me as hard

No one who believes more in me


I just have to get even better at ignoring the negative wibes

Shut my ears to the doubt

Not believe all the negative that is being said

I really dont have any other options……

The voice in my head will always be there! 🙂

I WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL WEEK that is right around the corner

❤ ❤ ❤


Todays post in English

The alarm wakes me at 04.00 am

The taxi arrives at 04.45 am

At the airport this nice greeting from a Starbucks employee makes me smile for the first time this morning. ( even though my name is spelled wrong) 🙂20180131_063441

The plane departure at 06.10 am

From rainy Bergen


«Good morning winter Oslo»


Time for the certification of our NOR EMT (= Norwegian Emergency Medical team)

We meet up precisely 08.00 am at Thon airport hotel for extradition of our personal equipment- hereby referred to as; PE. ( from now on its only military jargons that applies) 🙂

And than we were off to our camp location:


All day, evening and some of the night we spent building the camp:20180201_073926

Totally exhausted we crawl into our sleeping bags at 01.30 am

I am so grateful that I don’t have guard duty this night ( I have been awake for nearly 22 hours by this time)20180201_082639

But my guard duty comes soon enough – the next night from 04.00 – 05.00 am

Even though I am very tired I actually enjoy the beautiful moonlight and the fact that I actually know how to handle the «heater» for the tents and the power units. Witch I learned day 2.

At this time feel pretty good about my self 🙂

Time is of the essence and the next morning we realize that we have to hurry…

The big exercise starts at 11.30 am day 3

representatives from WHO and EU is coming

We are going to be certified to travel anywhere in the world were there is a catastrophe, to help people in need, with our transportable hospital/clinic . ( our worst case scenario not get certified…)

The tents are up, but the clinic inside the tents are far from ready…

And we work very hard for many hours to get it ready…





Read my next blog post on Saturday and I will tell you all about the exercise and the result.

Have a wonderful week everybody!!20180202_093702

❤ ❤ ❤




Yesterdays post in English – forgive if its not perfect! 🙂

Happy New Year everybody!!

There has been some very busy days, vacation, som heavy courses, Christmas  and  celebration of the new year – but now I am back with my blog!

I promise more frequent posts in 2018! And here is my first in 2018:

meg 1930


Little did Monday know that it would get such a bad reputation…

Nobody likes Monday…

No one looks forward to that day?

«on monday I will start my diet»

«I will stop smoking on monday»

«Monday its back at work»

«On monday I will start exercise again»


Saturday on the contrary!!

Saturday has lazy mornings and late nights

Saturday is partying

Saturday has candy

Saturday is being with friends..



Still early int the week so no favorite….but at least it is not monday

Tuesday is insignificant and goes by without any commotion..

But for me it is the day for hiking with my good friends – so a good day anyway!!


Wednesday is called little-Saturday and just that gives it a better sound…

A little reminder of the favorite day coming up pretty soon.


Thursday for me is Choir day

Thats when I meet up to sing with the: benedictinerne



Of course a favorite day for me…..as that was where I met the love of my life ❤


Thursday gives a hint of weekend feeling

Not long now!!


Friday oh Friday…

Exhausted after a busy week Friday arrives like a good friend

A glas of wine or more..



the night of the Tacos 🙂

But when I was a child it was;

Fried chicken and french fries and detective series on TV;

Derrick, helgenen, Bergerac, and more…



Yes I know it has already been mentioned, but Saturday deserves to be mentioned again….




The time to rest

Not supposed to do anything

But often the day we get to do most

Cleaning up after a party?

Hiking with the dogs and good friends



For me its mostly time to go swim

No matter temperature or weather

Refreshing and a good time with good friends!

This is how we have put days into weeks

weeks into months

and months into years.

Most of us dont like Mondays

But it is just a day like every other day

The sun goes up and the day begins

It moves over the sky from east to west

and then it sets and it is dark again

The next day the same happens again

Again and again…

The day does not know wether its a monday or a Sunday!

It does not know wether its 2017 or 2018…

It is just another day..

So toughen up!

Challenge your self:

Start your diet on a Thursday

drink a glas of wine on monday

exercise on a Sunday or lay on the coach and do nothing on Wednesday

Or make every day a feast!!

Life is here and now!!!

Give every day a meaning!!




❤ ❤ ❤





Deadly offended!!!!

Todays post in English

Got an email today….

…….asking me if I wanted to participate in the golf-clubs senior tournament!!!


There are several ways to react to this….

«Nice that they want to include me……»

But senior tournament????



Who are only 29????

It is not very easy to continue that self-deception when I get invited to events for 50+

Of course I could have replied;

«Sorry !!! but I am not that old»

But I didnt…..

The truth is that I am only a year short….



So why is age that important?

Why shouldn’t you ask a lady her age?

Why do I cling to the number 29?

Where was I – at the age of 29?

Mother of 4 children at the age 1 -8


Not much time for my self…


But what a wonderful time………even though I dont want it back…

Everything has their time

Every age its charm…

But why than, do I try to peel off the years that has past??

……..with them I´ll also erase :

All my experiences….

Everything that I have learned….

All that has happened to me…

All my acquisitions…


Everything that I have seen

My wisdom

All my accomplishments



My kids are grown ups now

And we have a totally different relationship..

I can enjoy a wine – evening with my girls and bonus children…


I can enjoy a great day at the golf course with my son and trainer 🙂

I can ask my oldest son for advice – because he is often more sensible and reflected than I am.

I can do as I choose with my leisure time…

Go on a trip with my boyfriend if I want

I dont have to go to any school if I dont want to my self

I have a great job – that I love!



I have good economy

I own my own house and car

I have learned how to play golf ( never a blog without mention golf 🙂 )



So why would I want to erase all these years?

and cling to 29???

Of course I dont want that…

I want both!!!!

Keep everything that these years have given me…..but stay 29 as well 🙂


well…mostly it is a joke…

…..but there is some seriousness to it as well….

I dont need to get much older now…..

Not so much about the looks…..maybe 🙂

Every age has its charm as I pointed out earlier….

….and if you are wise, you have a lover  your own age – to make sure you aren’t the only one aging….;)



No, it has more to do with our limited time here on earth to be honest….

A bit frightening to think about….

I would like live for ever…

I read somewhere, that if you only believed strongly enough…

and you send these thoughts out into the universe..

showing gratefulness in advance…

It will happened







hopp i regnbuen


❤ ❤ ❤







Quality time with my boyfriend

oss på fjelet

Job projects that has to be finished


my office has been turned into a guest room for the time being…

The excuses are many

But the result is the same:

I havent been writing on my book for weeks!!


Not that I have writers block or anything…

I just haven’t prioritized it..

Been postponing and postponing….

Its like when I have taken a too long vacation from exercising and gain a few to many ponds;

«Ill start eating healthy and exercise on monday again»

Then comes monday, but it turns out that we have been invited to a party on Wednesday….there will of course be cakes….

No sense in starting a healthier lifestyle before that

And then Wednesday has past, but now the weekend is coming up pretty soon….

Nobody starts a diet on a weekend???

No better just wait until the next monday…


Some times I postpone projects like that for weeks….fool my self with different excuses….

Until I finally pull myself together and go «all in»

Thats were I am at with my writing right now…

Deadline is coming up and I have to get back to writing my book

I want to

This monday it is going to happen!!

I will get back to exercising, healthier nutrition and writing every day!!

So today I got up early ( 05.15)

trained for 30 minutes

walked the dogs

and wrote this blog

And tonight I have  planned to write for 1 hour on my book

utsikt fra skriveplassen

I have started!!!

hopp i regnbuen

So no cake-invitation for us this week please!


❤ ❤ ❤