sykkel vm bergen

Todays post in English

I have neeeeeever cared about Tour de France….

Vuelta Espania…

or any other bike race for that matter…

Actually I hate cycling myself

Its exhausting…

its boring…

and it hurts like he…….. some where unmentionable

But the world championship is in Bergen this week

sykkel VM

And that’s big I have been told….

a once in a lifetime happening

And I know to appreciate rarities 🙂

So instead of complaining over closed streets

Busses that doesn’t go where they are supposed to

Or other restrictions this week

I choose to see the positive

I see Bergen showing off from its best side…

sunny and beautiful!!

Happy people cheering for every athlete – no matter which country

I see the streets filled with policemen…

….and everyone who knows me – know that I LIKE a police in uniform…



And there is a lot of  party going on in the city…

Our traditionally Tuesday mountain hike – ended up in the city last night

some wine

and a late summer night feeling is just what we appreciate..


As said before the roads are closed

and it isn’t easy to get to work ( or home)

there is a Shutlebus going trough the city

and you are as herring in a barrel inside the bus…

Not my thing!!!

We just have to join the circus

So this week I decided to cycle to work –

together with my dear friend and co-worker Benedikte

I drive to her house and then we cycle together at 06.30meg og bendis

I’ve borrowed a bike from a friend in the choir ( thanks Lovinda <3)

But Lovinda is a bit shorter than me, so my first trip I had my knees up to my chin..

Lucky me, I have a bit more experienced co-workers and she showed me how to adjust the seat

When it comes to gearing I am hopeless….so in the steep hills I had to stand up – and down hills my legs worked like drumsticks…

BUT that was my first trip!!!!

Now I do better!!! But thats after  the chain  had jumped off several times due to some crazy gearing…



Monday morning I started a new job at the ;


And I am embarrassed to admit that I have been cycling to work for 2 days without a helmet…

Couldn’t find mine…

It would be just great arriving at the hospital as a multi-trauma patient with a head injury due to not using a helmet.. my first day at work at the TRAUMA CENTER!!!!

That wouldn’t be embarrassing at all……. 😦

BUT I found it today!!

So finally I look like a sensible cycler…


I am not very experienced though

I’m not sure I can let go of the steering wheel long enough to scratch my nose….

I think I remember letting go of the steering wheel with both hands as a child….on the other hand that might have been my brother…

NO…I think I`ll stop to scratch my nose… just to be safe…

When I got passed by an older man in boots and grey hair, I realized that the world cup was far away…

BUT I do cycle

I don’t complain about closed roads

And I do appreciate the world championship and the folk festival!!!!

But my ass still hurts…

A wish you all a wonderful week

with or without a sore ass!!!

❤ ❤ ❤