Todays post in English

Thank you so much for my 2 eyes

With them I can see the natures beautiful colors, great mountains and sunset that takes my breath away..



With them I have been able to admire my wonderful children grow up:

Sometimes I let them rest at my good looking boyfriend:


Other times they are glowing with love when our eyes meet


With them I can execute my work with precision and awareness;


With them I can follow my golfball when I hit it far away…

and I do hit it far….😁😁🏌🏌


With them I have read tonns of books and used them critically on my own writings..

With them I can detect danger…


….show my friends that I care

…..see others pain and express compassion and empathy

…..see wrongs and unjustice

død på stranden

With them I can express anger, love and happiness

With them I can see the good in people:

per fugelli

With them I can cry both in sorrow and in joy

And when I am tired and close them….they let me rest


What has happened these last years???

Why do they refuse to read small letters?

Why does everything get blury up close???

I guess I have to except that my eyes also gets tired….

…tired from everything that I have seen and read..

So I guess I have to let them rest a bit…

Luckily I look pretty good in the aids provided 😁😁😁


Thank you so much for my eyes and all the beauty they have – and will see!!!

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week

…..and keep your eyes open for those beautiful everyday moments




What do I really feel??

Todays post in English

When life suddenly offers big changes

When I am being challenged

When my limits are being pushed…


20171014_210405What do I really feel?

What do you feel???

Am I scared?

Or am I just excited?

Maybe I am in love??



It`s funny, but the reactions in our body is quite the same in these situations…

Why are some, so much braver than others?

Why do some avoid challenges, while others run to them?

What do I do?

Well…..something in the middel I guess…

I like to speed on my Kawasaki

I love roller coasters!!


I am more than likely to stand up in a big crowd and say something just impulsively…

BUT, I am not totally calm inside when it happens…

Of course I am nervous and sometime scared….

BUT, that will not kill me!!!

A pounding heart, flushed cheeks, sweaty armpits – that sends out tonns of pheromones  (= a chemical substance with scent) and large pupils. These are reactions that occurs when adrenalin is being released in our body . 

I like the rush my body gets in these situations

To feel that insecurity

Take control over those feelings – instead of letting them control me…

It feels like a victory

A fight that I have won…

I urge you to think about that the next time something frightens you – maybe you`re not REALLY afraid? Maybe you are just excited?

Embrace that feeling as you do when you are in love – the truth is that the reaction in your body is quite similar in both situations…

You should not take unnecessary chances of course, nor put yourself in real danger…But maybe that change in your life is`nt that scary after all?

Maybe you should find another job if you`re not satisfied where you are…

Maybe you should get yourself out of that relationship that makes you miserable…

Maybe you should take the trip that you have dreamt of for so long..




❤ ❤ ❤



I am being opposed!!!

Todays post in English

We usually act like team players

We get things done

We are efficient

We are successful

bergen by night

I set my self goals

and in the beginning we both work towards that goal:

I am going to exercise every day and eat healthy!

In the beginning there are no problems…

I am determined

Have faith

I am stubborn and have stamina

push up 1

Than suddenly something happens

a shift

a change

I am being opposed

Like somebody is putting sticks in my wheels….

makes bumps in my road….

» You deserve to relax»

«Of course you can eat a chocolate, you have been so good for several days now»

«one day of self indulgents is quite ok!»

Who is it that, that boycotts me?

Who`s intensions is it to see me fail?


It is the same with project; NOVEL

For periodes of time I am convinced that I will succeed

Be published

Get my book into the bookstores

On the bestsellers list!!!!


But suddenly the doubt has been planted

«Are you really good enough?»

«There are certainly a lot of people that writes MUCH better than you do»

«There are many that tries to get published»

«Why should you be the lucky one?»

How is it possible to change perception of me that quickly??

What have I done to deserve such a lousy friend?

Who at the first steep hill tries to convince me to give up????


I think its pretty lousy

And sometimes I wish to get ritt of this friend

But I know that when we work together

When we both have faith

There is no one who supports me more…

No one who pushes me as hard

No one who believes more in me


I just have to get even better at ignoring the negative wibes

Shut my ears to the doubt

Not believe all the negative that is being said

I really dont have any other options……

The voice in my head will always be there! 🙂

I WISH YOU ALL A WONDERFUL WEEK that is right around the corner

❤ ❤ ❤

IT`S ON !!!!!

English version of todays post

This is what 2018 will be for me;

The year I run half marathon in under two hours

maraton Last time I ran at 2,03

The year I complete the Bergen mountain marathon

hoppende gladNever tried it before

The year I finish my second novel

utsikt fra skriveplassenFinished my first in 2009, but never got published – but I wont give up!

The year we move into my boyfriends house

eidsvågDoes not feel wrong to drink wine with my boyfriend to this view 🙂

The year I drop under 30 in handicap

20170808_163046went from 54 to 31 last year…

The year I exercise even more than last year

hang up 2

did good most of last year, bur finished horribly

Yep, it is going to be yet another ice swimming year!


I went for a swim every week in the ice-bade season; August to May – not the summer months, those are for wimps 🙂

2018 is the year that I am going to :

eat healthier, have more fun, love more, spend more time with my familie and kids, dance more, laugh more, sing more, travel, enjoy nature, enjoy my boyfriend, enjoy life, celebrate a big day!! 50!!! (yes I am hiding it in here so only the most lojal readers can read it 🙂 spend more time with friends, ski, play golf, go for walks, maybe hunt? climb new mountains, challenge my self more, contribute to a good work environment, not start to smoke, drink wine ( but not to much) be honest, be nice, be myself….

Is this New Years resolutions?

No this is plans! Plans that gives me something to strive fore, that gives me goals and makes it easier to organize my life.

Do I achieve all my goals?

NOPE…..but I do my very best….

And I never expect more from my self!!!

meg 1930

I wish you all a wonderful week

remember; weekend is not far away!!

❤ ❤ ❤


The dream is still alive!!!

todays post in English

My book at the top shelf


Among the best sellers

Fantastic reviews

Readers loving the characters

The captivating stories

Makes them cry


smile or get angry

The dream still lives in me

This is my goal

utsikt fra skriveplassen

Sometimes I really believe I will succeed

Other times,….not so much

I haven’t been writing much lately

Haven prioritised it

Hundreds of excuses;

new job…

a lot to learn there

The office at home was occupied by my mother…( but she moved out 2 months ago…)

I `ve been spending a lot of time at the golf course ( but there hasn’t been much of that in this weather either)

I have to exercise ( but haven’t done so well in that department either if I am being honest..)

So no I have to pull my self together and start writing again…

I don’t think I can blog as often as before, but I will write every week..

I have written a lot on my book already and the goal is to finish it in 6 months from now ( my previous goal was during 2017…)

I urge you all to ask me about my progress…

How I am doing?

How the novel is coming along…

Who knows – maybe I can call myself a real writer in 2018???….20171019_171731


❤ ❤ ❤

And remember; if it rains there is always a good book!