Biggest bitch ever!!!

Todays post in English

Yes I can be some times…

Luckily my boyfriend forgives faster than the rain falls in Bergen 🙂

…..and let me tell you; that is damn fast!!



And what was the reason for my behavior??


Or more precise my failed attempt to play golf ….

I have been struggling with the game for a long periode now…

and a couple of weeks ago I just snapped completely 😦

I was ready to sell my golf clubs

….all golf vacation plans were on hold

and I cursed every hour spent on the golf course…

My poor boyfriend…

He saw the long awaited golf vacation disappear in front of him…

as his attempts to comfort or support me failed completely..



But I did manage to pull my self together,

and at the same time my son Mats came to my ( our 🙂 ) rescue yet again 🙂


He is the best golf trainer in the world – at least for me!!

He sees everything I do wrong

and he knows exactly what to do to make me change things..

So after hours on the training range, where I hit ball after ball under his instructions – I finally got it again… 🙂

We than went to Meland golf resort ( right outside Bergen) and I had a marvelous first round!!!

I got a par put ( that means I got the ball in the hole in the right amount of shots as if I didn’t have any handicap at all) And I was the only one who manage that on that round!


20170731_114520                               «the par put»

Of course I celebrated with a beer after the round 🙂


The day after we went to Voss ( up in the mountain , approximately 1,5 hour from where I live) And I played better than I have for a long time!!20170801_175357

I have to say that I appreciate so much the patience that my son Mats, his buddy Jens and my boyfriend are showing me… ( all 3 in the picture)

They support – help – boast and never makes me feel that I am a shitty player ( wich I am sometimes)

And when I do snapp and yell words that a mother never should yell in front of her son or the friend of her son – they laugh out loud…..and thats all right 🙂

hoppende glad

because right now I am jumping with joy and I am super ready for golf playing yet again…

I have been told that tis is the most frustrating game of all – and YES it is!!

But it is also so much fun when you do well!!

The bitch is put back in the closet and back is the sweet, nice and good girlfriend….

and now the plans are set!!

Saturday we re leaving for Spain and Alende golf club

alende golf

We will stay here for a week – thank you Jens for suggesting it! 🙂 🙂

after a week we will stay with family who owns a house not far from there 🙂

Thanks for the hospitality! we are so looking forward to it!

We are looking forward to sun – heat – golf and vacation

❤ ❤ ❤

Update will come!!