This is my day!!!!ohhhh what a wonderful day!!!

Todays post in English

hoppende glad

Bilderesultat for norsk flagg

It’s my birthday!!!!!

Bilderesultat for norsk flagg Bilderesultat for norsk flagg Bilderesultat for norsk flagg

Yes !!! I AM turning 29!!

Again…….. 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s getting harder every year….

Turning 29 I mean….

in just 2 years my oldest son will be my age….


But that s something nobody needs to think so much about… 😉

The most important is that it is my birthday today!!!!!!!

AND I got the day off 😁

I was supposed to work on a course I have to finish,but I was supereffective working late last night instead…

So now I can have the day off 😁

The day started with my boyfriend waking me with breakfast just alittle while a go.

And I got a presents 🎁

New golf shoes, golf watch , pegs, pink golfballs, markers and stencils for my bals.

And the weather is nice today to….

Guess what I am doing the first part of my day off??



That was’nt  a big surprise was it??? 🙂 🙂 🙂

My dear son Mats and I are going to Meland golf club to do 18 holes  this morning🏌

I am so excited!!!!

My handicap is now 31.3!!!!

So damn good in my book 😁😁


And when we get back home, we are going to move all my mothers furnitures into my garage….

I am not kidding !!!

My mother has been living in my bacement Apartment for several years, but now she has gotten herself an apartment closer to the City…..unfortunatly her apartment isnt ready for move in when they prommised, but I have renter out my bacement apartment from the 1 of september..😥

So now we have to put all her stuff in the garage and her in the guestroom….

Hopefully just for a couple of weeks..


I love  Indien  vindaloo (spice) –  the spicier the better!!!

And he has been coocking for days to make my favorite dinner

Yes he is my dream man ❤❤❤

Almost all of my children will be there, but my youngest is out with the marines…


My mom will of course be there and my dear nephew  who will help carriy the furniturws.

We will be 9 persons!!!

A proper celebration for a 29 year old!!

I guess I’ll throw together some of my usual cakes….

Bilderesultat for amazingcake



❤ ❤ ❤


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