Todays post in English

She is a turbo

A firework

a bundle of energy

Like sunshine

wild and untamed

One who sometimes needs to be held back a bit

put the brakes on

She has 10000000000 ideas

She wants to do all

so many plans

And she succeeds with most of them


I`ve known her for 5 years now

After many years living in the east of Norway

She finally came back to Bergen

She hadn’t been here for long when she thought:

«I am a conductor!

«I need a choir»received_10155447486215973

And of course my choir will have a Christmas concert….

So she called her friends in Eidsvåg church and booked the church for the concert

«Do you have a choir» they asked…

«No but I will by Christmas» she answered…

After all it Christmas was 5 months away…

She got the choir

The first rehearsal there was 12

At the concert we were 50

This was the beginning of  «benedictinerne»

(Named after our dear conductor)kor

Today 5 years later we are 125!

I started in the choir a month in

And have never regretted it

I found friends for life..

And I found the love of my life


❤ ❤ ❤


Who happens to be the conductors brother as well

So now she is my sister in law

Lucky me 🙂

But back to the conductor

She doesn’t do anything halfway

She puts 110%  into everything she does

She almost starts a movement when she discovers something new…

Like when she started kayakingkajakkpadling

She joined the local kayaking club and invited friends and choir to join

And she encourage people to join her on the water almost daily

not once in a while….

She also got great deals for everyone who wanted to join the club

And the club can thank her for allot of new members that year…

And then there was hiking in the mountain

Every Sunday she waited for people at bottom of the mountain – and encourage everybody in the choir to join her….facebook updates every week

A lot of members can thank her for weight loss and better physics…


She always have something going on

Always busy

never says nodirigenten

Her dream was a choir in Bergen

Now we are the biggest one in Hordaland

The goal is reached….(?)


She just adjust the finish line

Christmas and summer concert in the church is just fine…..

But now she wants to conquer the main concert hall in Bergen


She does the same now

Books Grieghallen

«Does she have enough audience?» some ask

«Does she have the founding?» others wonder

«No problem» she says

«I`ll fix» she replies

All the money goes to charity

«No one can help everyone – but everyone can help some» is her motto..

(I actually think she has enough energy to try to help everyone..)

So please buy a ticket to our concert if you are in Bergen the 4th of November



We promises a great show

With fantastic songs like:

Fix You

The Outcast

Can you feel the love tonight


and many more…..

You get 3 things in one;

1. You get to hear beautiful songs

2. You support a good cause

3. And you get to enjoy our fantastic conductor


❤ ❤ ❤

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